Report Hoax! Zuckerberg Not Giving Away Millions to Facebook Users

It’s been confirmed that Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg will not be giving out any money to Facebook users. A recent post has been going around stating that Zuckerber wants to give away millions of dollars to his Facebook users. Apparently the rumor originates from an announcement that he and his wife Priscilla Chan would be giving $45 billion worth of stock to their LLC, The Chan Zuckerber Initiative in honor of their daughter.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Post

The post mentioned that Facebook founder will be handing out $4.5 million to 1,000 users that copy and paste the message and then share it after tagging 5 to 10 friends. Well apparently this has all been a hoax, a Facebook spokesperson reported that giving away the $4.5 million is not real.

Facebook has been known to be a good platform for spreading hoaxes due to it’s massive population of active users. In any case that’s too bad we won’t be getting any money from Zuckerberg because I could use a little extra money in my pocket.