Apr 6, 2017
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World’s Weirdest Collections of Stuff

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From a man w/ the largest fossilized feces collection to the girl w/ the greatest Pokemon collection and you won’t believe what else!

7. Superman Collection
This guy Herbert Chavez, also from the Philippines collects a large amount of Superman memorabilia who takes it a little too seriously. Not only does he collect superman memorabilia but also idolizes him and wants to look just like him. He’s admitted that he’s had several plastic surgeries, including work done on his cheeks, lips, nose and chin and even his thighs to look more like his favorite superhero. After all the surgery was completely he looks very little like himself before the obsession took place. He’s gone as far as trying to lighten his skin color as well. When he’s not busy collecting superman memorabilia, he also enjoys designing t-shirts.

6. Phone Collection
This name here named Zhang Dafang from Beijing China, has a vast collection of telephones at his apartment. He’s spent thousands of dollars collecting old phones that still have cords from all around the world. His hobby has been financially draining and has made trips to Russia and all over China to add to his collection. While taking time off from work to add to his collection, he actually lost his job! His most expensive phone he collects cost his a whopping 3000 dollars that was made in 1900, which is what some people make in a year in China! Is it really worth it to have such an old phone?

5. Fossilized Dung Collection
A man from Florida earned himself the proud title of owning the largest amount of coprolite or fossilized feces in the world! George Frandsen has 1,277 pieces of petrified poop according to the Guinness World Record Books in 2016. His largest piece weighs 4 pounds and 3.5 ounces, which is bigger than a large puppy. He even went as far as nicknaming it “precious”. His samples come from 15 different states and 8 other countries. Precious still carries its original shape are rarely do they ever reach this size. In case you were wondering they’re all hard as a rock, and don’t smell! He claims that the reason he find this so interesting is because each coprolite tells it’s own story; what foods the animal ingested, what type of animal it came from, etc.

4. Garden Gnomes
Garden gnomes can be often misunderstood and even kidnapped from people’s properties. Ann Atkin from the United Kingdom provides refuge for 2000 garden gnomes at here home in Devon, England. She claims their magical little creatures that let her escape from everyday life that put smiles on her face. She owns a 4 acre garden called the Gnome Reserve and wildflower garden which is basically a village for the little gnomes. She allows people to visit the garden under one condition; don’t hurt the gnomes!

3. Yo-yos
Yo-yos probably aren’t as odd as some of the other things on this list but when you have 4,251 of these string based toys, people find it a little bizarre. A dermatologist from Orlando has the world’s largest yo-yo collection and of course he’s got a cool collection of tricks to go with. He’s also an expert of Yo-yo history and is choc full of random yo-yo facts. His favorite kind is the yo-yos are the ones that have cartoon characters on them. His most expensive one cost him 400 dollars and is made of magnesium.

2. Pencil Sharpeners
If you take a trip to Eastern Ohio, there might not be a ton of things to do but.. You can visit the world’s largest collection of pencil sharpeners! Sounds exciting! It turns out this is actually a pretty popular attraction in the region and it’s called the Paul A Johnson Sharpener Museum. A man’s obsession with the pencil sharpening devices turned into a museum worthy collection of 3400 different specimens. Each one is unique made of different materials, shapes sizes and colors. The widow of Paul A Johnson, inherited this one of a kind collection and has kept collecting pencil sharpeners as a hobby.

1.World’s Biggest Pokemon Collection
A woman who goes by the name of “Pikabellechu” hold the guinness world record for the largest collection of pokemon merchandise in the world. She basically caught them all and her collection is quite impressive, even if you’re not a huge pokemon fan. She almost seems like a cosplay guy’s dream girl! Not surprisingly, she’s also an expert on pokemon. When going to comic conventions, she likes to create her own costumes but usually prefers to dress as pikachu in one way or another. She doesn’t just collect pokemon it seems as if she really thinks she is a pokemon is some ways. She enjoys putting time and effort into her costume and many of her photos come out quite elaborate. Here in this photo from deviant art, you see her pose with a stuffed pikachu doll that she put in a dress and a large amount of other pikachu stuffed animals.

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