Apr 7, 2017
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World’s Strangest and Most Dangerous Competitions

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From the extreme sport shock boxing to the strange and silly competition of snail racing, people actually participate in these!

6. Cafe Fear Surf Competition
Many big wave surfers gathered at Red Bull’s Cape Fear surf competition in June 2016 located in New South Wales in Australia. But the conditions seemed far from safe judging by the photos.The 12 foot waves weren’t the only danger here. Big concerns were raised when the waves appeared to be contaminated with sewage. After a wild storm had hit sydney’s coastline it appeared to bring in large amounts of pollution to the area…

5. Japanese Bubble Jumper
Ever feel like playing some games and feeling like you have some type of superpower? Extreme competitors can feel what it’s like when they compete in this type of duel wearing these strange items. Bubble Jumper is basically a fight that takes place when people are wrapped in an air filled bubble, wearing stilts and trying to knock each other with sumo-like moves. Do you think you go what it takes to win a match in one of these competitions? It takes some extreme balance trying not to fall over while wearing stilts and the bubbles are actually quite capable of delivering some heavy blows. You might want to try this on some grass first, or you could be dealing with some serious bruises afterwards.

4. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling
This one conveniently mixes strange and dangerous that might make it quite interesting to watch. Each year, hundreds of people gather for the annual cheese rolling at Cooper’s Hill located just outside of Gloucester, England. Grown adults begin acting quite childish once a wheel of what looks like cheese, is rolled down an extremely steep hill! The participants chase after the wheel and that’s basically it. Except the steep hill poses quite a few challenges and people are often rolling down the hill one they fall. Injuries happen each year and the tumbling can get quite brutal. They’re usually ambulances nearby since they’re basically expecting someone hurting themselves. People from all around the world come to compete in this actually and witness the strange competition. The winner gets a block of real cheese and some bumps and bruise to remember the event.

3. Ostrich Racing
It might seem a little hard to believe but Ostrich racing is actually a sport with a long history. There was even an egyptian statue of Queen Arsinoe the II riding an ostrich. This sport can actually get quite intense, considering that ostriches can reach speeds of 43 miles per hour! In the US the Chandler Ostrich Festival takes place in Arizona and there’s been about 28 of these festivals. The website states that if you haven’t been to ostrich before you’re really missing out and that this is a hilarious and unpredictable event. Here in this photo, you see Dustin Murley on the left and Jessey Sisson on the right, racing their ostriches at the annual festival. But, as you can imagine, it’s really not that easy staying on these giant birds and Dustin falls down not long after. You better know what you’re doing if you decide to hop on the back of one of these beasts!

2. Toe Wrestling
If there’s something about feet that sort of grosses you out, you really might not want to participate or watch this competition. Arm wrestling gets quite a bit of attention these days, but what about two wrestling. The game originated in England at the Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn in 1974. No one is born with the talent of toe wrestling, you gotta train hard to be the champion. Competitors link toes and try to bring down the other person’s foot, kind of like arm wrestling. An 18 year old girl who competed in this competition actually won and holds the nation toe wrestling championship trophy! What an honor! Her size 8 foot helped bring in the title and states that she has no problem getting up close and personal with a stranger’s toe.

1.Snail Racing
And they’re off! This one might not be dangerous, but boy is it strange enough to make our list! In Norfolk, England they hold a contest in a small village to see who is the fastest snail! Sounds absolutely thrilling, doesn’t it? They don’t talk about snails here as some type of pest that slowly move through their gardens but as legendary racers and revered champions! Since the town has quite damp conditions, snails are quite common, so they figured let’s just have a the World Snail Racing Championship here. The snails start inside a circle and the winner will be the one who makes it outside of the larger, surrounding circle! This seems just as entertaining as watching English soccer!

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