Apr 17, 2017
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Worlds Craziest and Most Luxurious Condominiums

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People can do crazy things when they have a lot of money! They can also purchase insane things too! Here are 11 crazy luxurious condos.

5 – Eau Du Soleil and Water Tower
Connected by a tapered podium are the two towers of Empire Communities more crowning architecture design, the Toronto-based, Eau Du Soleil and Water Tower, a luxurious condominium with all of the amenities. This glance inside the life of the wealthy and famous reveals a saltwater pool, hot tub, fitness room, CrossFit training zone, garden, games room, lounge, terrace, dining area, yoga and pilates studio, party room, theatres and a sky court which contain tennis and basketball sections. This building is meant to resemble a cruise ship, that splash of yellow warnings down there at the bottom are meant to be reminiscent of safety boats. There are 750 units inside 63 stories and is currently under construction, sales for available condos range from 500,000 to over 1,180,000 Canadian dollars.

4 – The Porsche Tower
Miami has a new condominium in the works which was designed specifically with the Porsche owner in mind. Located on Sunny isle Beach is this 60-story structure which will feature the very first patented Dezervator, a drive-in car elevator. There are 132 units, with the most luxurious of those condos is without a doubt the penthouse suite which is four levels, 17,000 square feet, two private pools, and a four car sky garage. At least 22 billionaires have already signed up for suites, the regular units can display up to nine cars with amenities such as a spa, a ballroom, a movie theatre and a game room with race-car simulators. That penthouse, by the way, is estimated to have a 32.5 million dollar price tag.

3 – Alaska Condos
It’s called Alaska but it’s actually in Toronto, it took two years of intense arguments between local residents and developer Bianca Pollack, but in the end, these mid rise condominiums named Alaska have been approved for the corner of Yonge Street and Strathgowan Avenue. The structure is proposed to be composed of six storeys which will curve inward as they rise with pastel coloured railings along the balconies.

The original proposal featured the cantilevered upper section which kind of looked like a ridiculously oversized hat on the bottom half of the building, due to height restrictions and an overall silly appearance, this imagery has been squashed to make way for a more modern version with the slanted elevation of terraces and lush glass louvers which will convert whole rooms into indoor-outdoor spaces. (the top image is the old design plan, the one on the bottom is the new model slated to begin construction this coming year.)

2 – One Thousand Museum Condos
Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid comes this dazzlingly beautiful and intricate condominium currently under construction. The building is currently in the works inside Miami Florida and is billed as creating a six-star lifestyle. Amenities are set to include two full floors for wellness and spa facilities, a terrace for sunbathing overlooking the Miami skyline as well as a private helipad.

All of the interior spaces have their own custom-designed scent, with perfumes independently designed by olfactory consultants. The average price per square foot is 1,100 dollars, the penthouse has rumours of sale of 45 million dollars.

1 – iPad Tower
Brought to the world by James Law Cybertecture International from the jewelled streets of Dubai is a Nerd haven of epic proportions, watch closely Geek guys and gals because this next luxurious grouping of condos is specially designed with you in mind. Welcome to a dose of super modern meets uber-tech-savvy condominium called The Pad or iPad and shocker, it was inspired from Apple’s personal computers known as iPads. What will most likely become the norm is still tantalisingly new, the fusion of architecture and computer software, I give you, cybertecture.

This home away from the computer is intended to take digital living to the extreme, it rests atop a digital platform at an angle of six degrees with each unique unit offering an array of unprecedented technological amenities. There’s iRotation which gives you a rotating living room and rotating dining area to get all you can from the already astounding view of Dubai as well as iWalls which give you the power to literally open your walls in order to create a link between wealthy luxurious rooms.

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