Mar 27, 2017
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World’s Craziest Endurance Events Are You Up for the Challenge?

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Do you have the strength to compete in these insane endurance challenges & extreme races from Legion Run to Four Desert Run?

Race Across America
5. The Race Across America is a cycling ultramarathon that takes place in the United States. It is comparable to the Tour de France in the level of endurance required. This race literally consists of racing from the east coast to the west coast which is a trip of over 3,000 miles. This race has to pit stops; it is considered a non-stop race and contestants can rest at their own risk. The best contestants take over a week to complete the trek. It is a race of impressive scope and scale, and it makes other bike races look like a breeze in comparison. This race is actually quite dangerous, and there have been reports of many fatalities and injuries occurring in the history of the contest. It is one of the most extreme ultramarathons available to date.

Badwater Ultramarathon
4. This is an extreme foot race of 130 miles, and it features a daunting 7,000-foot rise in sea level. Which means that these runners are climbing 7,000 feet 135 miles uphill. That is not the worst part, though. The worst part is arguably the fact that this event takes place in Badwater. In case you do not know where Badwater is, it is in Death Valley, a place in America where temperatures reach about 130 degrees and have been known to kill. The endurance required for this event is beyond that of an average marathon as the runners must be able to resist heat as well as have an excellent physical strength to carry them so far forward and so far up. The hike ends at the summit of Mount Whitney, and this means that the course features not only desert running but it also mountain climbing of an extreme nature. There have been fatalities coupled with this race, yet it still goes on every year and runners from around the world make the decision to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

Pikes Peak Marathon
3. The Pikes Peak Marathon is another example of a fell running endurance race. Its nature of being a mountain climbing run requires for it to be put on a good mountain and that is precisely what pikes peak is a big tall mountain. The race starts at the base of the mountain and racers will, throughout the race, climb over 7,800 feet. This event has been going on since 1966, and it generally takes place in late summer. The endurance required for this is extreme. Running on dirt and rocks is not easy. Running is also not easy when you are also trying to climb. The various factors around this race make it one of the most extreme races out there. People have died while doing this race and the most common death are caused by fatal falls. One of the most dangerous elements of this race, though, is the drop in oxygen level as the elevation rises. This can prove to be very dangerous for people who are running because when you run your body takes in and needs more oxygen, the lack of it can cause people to pass out and even die. This race also has a history of being incorporated as parts of other extreme races in that part of the United States.

Legion Run
2. The Legion Run is a type of endurance run that is done by a team of risk takers and extremophiles. It is a rough experience where runners go through insane obstacles that stand in their way. These barriers include fire, mud, water, and so much more. The team of individuals who compete in this is a very diverse group of many nationalities, genders, and backgrounds. The obstacles of the run are not only built to test the body, but also the mind. This makes this run a very engaging and compelling experience. Currently, this event is located only Rome, Italy, and the next major event will be on November 5, 2016.

Four Desert Run
1. The Four Desert Run is another extreme condition endurance footrace that goes across a different desert each year. The event has been held in four deserts the Gobi in China, the Sahara in Egypt, the Atacama in Chile, and the last took place in Antarctica. The year that Antarctica was raced in, all of the deserts that were raced in the same calendar year. This race prides itself on putting its runners in some of the most extreme environments that our world has to offer. Over 8,00 people have competed in this race, and it has become world famous with over 50 races conducted to date. If you intend to compete in this, you better be sure that you are prepared for the absolute depths of extremity, because running across four deserts in the same year is not likely to be an easily accomplished task. The people who do compete in these races spend years training and preparing for what is likely going to be the pinnacle event in their lives.

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