Apr 3, 2016
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Will You Eat Fast Food After Reading This?

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FastFoodBurgerFriesEveryone has a favorite fast food restaurant they prefer over another. Some of us have more than one. I’m sure at one point in your history of eating at any of these fast food restaurants, this thought has crossed your mind: How fresh is the food? It’s quite obvious no one that works there will actually tell the truth if let’s say the food has been sitting around since the morning  or even worse, from the previous day. 

Food quality, unfortunately, has taken a hit over the years. Instead of quality being the top priority for any of these food chains, they seem to care more about the quantity they sell and are willing to take the risk at any cost. But if you were put to the test, could you really tell the difference between a batch of fries that has been made quite some time before you actually come to order and consume them? I’m sure that’s not the only thing you will be thinking about after checking out these photos of Fast Food.


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