Mar 22, 2016
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What’s Your Favorite Starbuck’s Frappuccino?

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StarbucksFrapsHaving to choose from a huge variety of flavors when you arrive at your local Starbucks coffee shop to satisfy your coffee craving can be a bit overwhelming. Do you feel like something sweeter than others? Are you the type that will stick to a certain flavor or be willing to try something new? The cool thing about Starbucks and their flavored items, is that they are available in three different options: hot, over ice, or frappuccino. As if it weren’t hard enough to choose what flavor you feel like having, now you have to also decide how you want your beverage made.

Some people enjoy having the options and have their minds set before they even enter the store. But some of us out there are indecisive and are easily distracted with all the options and flavors, which results in a time consuming event.

Personally, I love it when Starbucks rolls out new flavors for their beverages and can’t wait to try them! This spring they have new flavors called Caramelized Honey Latte and Cherry Blossom Frappuccino, which I can’t wait to try and see if it makes it to my Frappuccino Favorite List! What’s Your Favorite Frappuccino Flavor?

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