Apr 21, 2016
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New WhatsApp Scam You Need to Beware

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If you use WhatsApp (and most of us do) then you need to be careful – there’s a new scam going around that has the potential to infect your phone with malware, and enable hackers access to your private information. It’s hard to spot as well – the dodgy links are coming via existing chats, so it looks as if your friends have sent them.

As BT warns, they’ll say something like ‘look’ next to a link, which will take you to a website offering discounts to big brands (like Starbucks). It’ll ask for your details, and then ask that you forward the link onto friends, so you can claim a discount voucher.

This will leave malware on your phone, which hackers can then use to steal your identity, and access information such as your bank details. How can you protect yourself from this? BT has a few suggestions:

“Be wary of any messages you receive if:

  • the message content includes instructions to forward the message;
  • the message claims you can avoid punishment, like account suspension, if you forward the message;
  • the message content includes a reward of gift.”

Always check with your friends (via another medium) if they send you something you’re not sure about.

Source: Hellou.co.uk

Image Credits: Beta News, Parhlo

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