Feb 23, 2017
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What Is The Greatest Honor?

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What is the greatest honor possible? Let’s begin our journey by looking at challenges and achievements worthy of honor. First, the physical ones. Being the fastest person to run a marathon miles is great but why stop there?

The Iron Man triathlon involves swimming – miles, racing on a bicycle 112 miles and then running an entire marathon. Record holder Craig Alexander did it all in 8 hours, 3 minutes and 56 seconds. Beyond that things begin to get mental. The self transcendence race held every summer in New York is the longest certified foot race on the planet.

It’s not 26 miles long, it’s 3100. And instead of running thousands of miles across the varied landscape of the US, competitors merely run around the same city block in Queens 5 649 times. You have 52 days to complete the race and doing so can wear out as many as 12 pairs of shoes.

The fastest time for completing the race goes to Wolfgang Schwerk who finished in just 41 days, averaging 75 miles of running every day. In the realm of entertainment there are very clear physical rewards, statuettes like the Emmy, the Grammy, the Oscar and the Tony. Winning at least one of each is called an EGOT. So far 11 humans have won all four awards in competitive categories.

Now these are all great honors but we still need to answer the question of what is the greatest honor that humans can achieve. In this video that very question is addressed.

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