Apr 16, 2017
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The Most Bizarre and Weirdest Works Of Art You’ll Ever See

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Art can be beautiful or downright bizarre. Here are 13 of the weirdest words of art!

# 7 Leandro Granato
Leandro Granato is someone who uses a pretty traditional medium for his art, creating artwork out of paint. However, how he makes these paintings is very unique compared to other artists. Instead of dipping brushes into paint, he shoots paint out of his tear ducts onto his canvas. Granato inserts non-toxic pigments into his nose, snorts it up into his sinuses and then quite literally shoots it out of his eyes. He claims to use a blend of paint that will not do damage to his health or eyesight, but you can never really be sure about your personal health when you’re a trailblazing a new art form.

# 6 Making Soap
Orestes de La Paz is a performance artist who once liposuctioned out his own fat and then turned it into 24 bars of soap, which he then applied back onto his body. He recorded most of the process in a silent video, including the liposuction, the making of the soap, and of himself in the shower applying the soap to his body. The entire video is completely silent except for the sound of the liposuction. While the video is very intimate is also jarringly disgusting, so watch it at your own risk.

# 5 Morten Viskum
Morten Viskum is an artist who was born in 1965 and known for his strange and sensational art. Possibly his most infamous series of works is his project in which he painted using the real life severed hand of a dead body in something called “The hand that never stops painting”. The single severed hand eventually turned into three dead hands, and Morten Viskum began to paint with a mixture of blood and acrylic paint to create eerie and creepy paintings with the hands.

# 4 Giant Pink Rabbit
In 2005, members of a Viennese art group known as Gelitin erected a massive, pink stuffed rabbit out in the middle of the field in northern Italy. The rabbit is 200 feet or 60 meters in length and is 20 feet or 6 meters tall from the ground. The Giant Pink Rabbit is meant to be observed from space and for hikers to climb up to and take a rest on top of. The rabbit was left to rot for ten years and while it was expected to last until 2025, has completely disappeared. It has completely disappeared by 2016, only leaving behind a giant rabbit-shaped patch of dead grass.

# 3 Toilet Paper Art
A Twitter user known as “Mea” tweeted that she discovered this strange toilet paper sculpture in her bathroom and that it was very shocking to her soul. After a few tens of thousands of retweets, she later revealed that the eerily detailed sculpture was made by her friend and revealed how the piece of art was created. While we can certainly enjoy the details of this sculpture, it feels a little creepy to have your toilet paper stare at you while you do your business and it awaits its inevitable fate.

# 2 Warhol’s Piss Paintings
Between 1977 and 1978 Andy Warhol worked on something he called his Oxidation series, which in laymen’s terms, is basically a bunch of paintings he made by peeing on them. Warhol would set out sheets of copper all over his studio and invite friends and colleagues to urinate on them. This would oxidize the copper and create shapes on the canvas. Some people prefer to call his Oxidize series his piss paintings.

# 1 Designdain / Dain Yoon
Dain Yoon started posting surreal makeup illusions near the beginning of 2016 on her Instagram Designdain. She specializes in using makeup and body paint to bend the reality of her face and trick your eyes. Many of her images add extra features until she has 12 eyes and 3 and a half mouths, but all of them are designed to trip you out. The 20 something-year-old artist is currently a student at the Korean National University of Arts and has since gained the attention of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and amassed more than 90 thousand followers on Instagram.

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