Mar 23, 2017
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Weirdest Things People Tried to Take On Planes

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The 16 strangest things people have actually tried to take on a plane, from weird animals on planes like turkey’s and illegal eels!

8. Comb Knife
This seems like another weapon that an assassin would carry. Or James Bond. This concealed weapon was found at the Boston International Airport, and there was another that was discovered at the ST Louis International Airport. This might be the time to remind people to stop taking knives on planes. It’s not allowed. How could they even think that that would be acceptable?

7. Cookies With A Pinch Of Cocaine
Cocaine is not a secret ingredient. This just isn’t something that you can say you thought would be cool. The passenger was found carrying 118 cookies each stuffed with cocaine which added up to 3 pounds with has a street value of $52,000. The cocaine was found in the Newark airport in 2014 which isn’t a surprise to anyone given New Jersey’s reputation. Weirder things have probably been smuggled into that particular airport. You can bring cookies onboard of a plane, though, which probably shouldn’t be weird but is somehow. Also, those cookies look disgusting. Betty Crocker would be ashamed of your smuggling technique.

6. Suicide Vest
This explosive vest was almost brought on by an explosives instructor, and it was supposed to be a training tool. The vest was inert, but that doesn’t exactly matter to airport security. The vest, of course, raised a giant red flag amongst the employees and it was removed before the instructor could board his plane. It’s hard to imagine why he even needed this in his carry-on. What purpose did this serve? Were his students on the plane with him? Was he going to give them an impromptu lesson?

5. A Live Turkey
This is one weird thing that worked. It probably shouldn’t have, though. Service animals are a touchy subject for a lot of people. Some people think that the use for them should be limited, others believe that they are being abused to get special treatment for their owners. There are hundred of ways that a service animal could be used, but it’s hard to imagine what this turkey could serve. This picture was posted by a Reddit user that believed that the bird was a fraudulent service animal even though it has been said that the owner provided all of the necessary paperwork. There is an entire industry of faked documents for service animals so it makes sense that this argument would come up. Since then, the turkey has caused mixed reactions, but the general attitude has just been confusion.

4. Whatever This Is
This Swiss army knife on steroids was found on a man that was trying to board a plane in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The tool had about nine blades, and it just looks threatening. We’re not sure what he would ever need this for when boarding a plane, but he needed it for something. It was also probably nothing good. He didn’t even have the excuse of being a knife instructor or something.

3. Worst. Gag. Gift. Ever.
The story behind this thing is that supposedly it was a gag gift for the passenger’s retirement. The bomb was indeed just a prop, but it was still confiscated for obvious reasons. There is nothing like getting strip searched to celebrate your retirement. That is just the gift that keeps on giving. The fake bomb was discovered by a Xray scanner in St. Petersburg.

2. 18 Human Heads
This isn’t as sinister as it sounds. The heads were classified for medical research, and it normally wouldn’t have been a problem, but the paperwork wasn’t filled out correctly in this 2013 incident in Chicago. Shipments of body parts happen more than one would like to think about. Those research materials have to come from somewhere we guess. However, because of the paperwork, the shipment was stopped and had to be investigated for legitimacy. It’s hard to make a case for being scared about this because they are still transporting human heads either way. It doesn’t matter what they will be used for. It’s still creepy.

1.Dead Bodies
A surprising amount of people has tried to board planes with dead bodies. By surprising, we mean more than zero. Any number higher than that is astonishing. The most notable of these cases is a woman in Liverpool that tried to board a plane with her daughter and her dead husband. They put glasses on him and put him in a wheelchair like they had watched Weekend at Bernies once too often. The staff apparently caught that the guy wasn’t breathing, so the ruse didn’t last long. The woman and her daughter insisted that they didn’t know that he was dead and that he was alive when they arrived at the airport but they were arrested when a coroner’s report was conducted, and they found out that he had died 12 hours before them arriving at the airport.

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