Apr 12, 2017
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Weird Furniture You Won’t Believe Exists

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Ever dream of building your own custom furniture? Here are 16 of the weirdest items ever built! Check out the ping pong table!

10. This Sofa Thing
So, apparently, the reason why this sofa looks like it’s about to crawl up the wall and hiss at you is because it’s supposed to look like that. Yeah, someone made this thing on purpose. And that someone is Lila Lang. The Korean designer creates 18th-century styled furniture that allows her to escape the “monotonous routine of real life” and was inspired by her small apartment. If you enjoy a more whimsical and playful aesthetic, then you should definitely check out more of her work.

9. The Spaghetti Bench
Created by the Argentine-French artist and designer Pablo Reinoso, this bench is apparently referred to as one of his masterpieces. It looks like it’s about to completely unravel and go limp like a wet noodle. This piece is definitely more suited for the outdoors than inside one’s own home. Art sure is a strange, strange thing but that is the beauty of it. There are no right or wrong interpretations. It’s simply what the artist makes of it.

8. The Loopita
Would you be surprised if we told you that this loop-da-loop thingy here is actually a bed and a sofa? Yup, this unconventional design is intended to be used by two people who want to lay with each other but not really. It’s also a good way to naturally curb your back into a terrible c-shape. It’s called the Loopita and do you know who probably owns one of these things? Lupita Nyong’o. We’ll see ourselves out now.

7. The Single Bed
This bed was made specifically in mind for all those poor souls out there that don’t haven’t found their “soulmate.” Newsflash. You don’t need a significant other or anyone at all for that matter to make you feel wholesome and validated. This bed is definitely a gag as no sane person would use their hard-earned money to buy this sorry excuse for a bed. Beds are supposed to be warm and inviting, not cold and depressing.

6. The Feel Seating System Deluxe
Okay, yes, this looks pretty strange. They look like giant blueberries. These things can actually be arranged into whatever shape or form your little heart desires and once you do so you can relax to your heart’s content. You can do this by removing the separate balls and linking them into any shape that you desire. That’s the whole purpose of the Feel Seating System Deluxe. That or you can play an intense game of dodgeball, just throwing that out there.

5. The Circular Ping Pong Table
This isn’t actually a piece of furniture that was created for commercial usage but instead it’s actually an art installation that was created by a Singaporean artist named Lee Wen. The first prototype was made back in 1998 as part of an Australian art installation that was around 20 feet in diameter. It was then condensed into a smaller size that was more practical for its 2012 reemergence and it then again in 2014 as part of Art Basel Hong Kong.

4. The Coffin Sofa
Coffins aren’t just for the deceased anymore. This is perfect for the individual who has a deep love for anything morbid. Now they can lounge around like their favorite vampire on this appropriate coffin sofa that’ll have everyone dying to try it out. Great for seating your old relatives, small children, and of course pets. With decor like this, you’re sure to be the life of the party. Or you’ll send everyone running for the hills when they see how obsessed you are with death.

3. The Canvas Chair
What is this witchcraft? She sits on a painting! How is that even possible? Well, we’re going to tell you. No, it’s not witchcraft. Geez. See, the canvas is actually a 3D piece of art as it’s been carved into and that is what allows you to sit upon the canvas. So not only do you have a great conversational piece but you can also use hang it up on your wall like a normal painting.

2. The Nest Bed
If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to live like a baby bird now is your chance to experience and fulfill that weird dream you equally weird person. The bed is constructed out of different pieces of wood(that you yourself have to put together) and does not come with the comfy pillows that are seen in the provided image. No, you have to use your own. The bed was designed by Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr.

1. The Yin and Yang Bed
If you’re seeking a much-needed sense of balance and harmony in your life, why not start with creating that same sense in your bedroom? The yin and yang bed is a unique take on the traditional bunk bed and was created by an Italian designer named Alessio Pappa. Sleeping on the top bunk seems like it’d be pretty uncomfortable.

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