Mar 28, 2016
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You’ll Be Surprised What You’ll Find Inside These Water Towers

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Next time you’re in the market for a unique, million dollar home, don’t just look for normal mansions and penthouses. There are so many houses on the market that don’t look like houses at all. That makes them even more impressive! 

Take these unique abodes for example. Once these towers were drained of the water they originally held, they became some of the world’s most epic houses. If you’re interested in one of these amazing places, though, you might want to make sure your bank account is over-flowing. Living in unique luxury isn’t cheap.

1.) Essen, Germany

2.) Copenhagen, Denmark

3.) Steenokkerzeel, Belgium

4.) Suffolk, United Kingdom

5.) Lymm, United Kingdom

6.) Guildford, UK

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7.) Brisbane, Australia

8.) Joachimstal, Germany

9.) Budapest, Hungary

10.) Antwerp, Belgium

11.) Soest, Netherlands

12.) New York, New York

13.) London, United Kingdom

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I may never make enough money to afford one of these luxury water towers, but that won’t stop me from pitching a tent on my hometown’s decrepit tower. That just sounds like a good time.

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