Mar 21, 2017
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Warning! These Photos Are Best Left Unexplained

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From pictures of people dressed in pumpkins and watermelons, weird cat glamor shots, and things just too bizarre to explain!

19. Bike Bonanza
There’s just too much awesome in this photo. Where he got the bike, where he found the time to make this and how long it took to grow that awesome moustache all remains a mystery. Just enjoy the photo and no further questions are needed.

18. Bucket Baptism
May the power of the Lord compel you! Either this guy is contaminated with some type of hazardous material or couldn’t afford the proper baptism and decided to go this route. Could even just be a quick simple way to take a bath before getting on a plane. Who knows!

17. Oh no!
You could have probably continued your day just fine without seeing this photo and wondering what the heck is going on? If it is anything what it looks like, one guy is about to get his crotch set on fire. And why the latex glove! Let’s move onto the next one before your mind is overwhelmed with confusion.

16. Glamour Shots
Glamour shots especially from the 80’s leave many of us bewildered with confusion and sorrow. We are able to explain that he loves he his cat, why he decided to do a strange glamour shot with it like you is in this photo is just best left unexplained.

15. Half Carjack
Imagine going out to your car after a long day of work and coming across something like this! Are criminals just getting really lazy nowadays and only jacking half of the car? Half of the car was booted so maybe it was parked out there for a while? Trying to figure it out is just not a good idea.

14. There it is!
Ok, so we might have an explanation for the last after all, but don’t get used to it. Looks this man is transporting the front half of a van. But wait, hold on a minute.. The car doesn’t match. False alarm everyone, this also makes no sense and you can figure on your own this time.

13. Pigeon Depression
Ok so if you’ve made it at least half way through the video without having an aneurysm for trying to analyzing these photos, congrats! Is it just me or does this pigeon seem rather depressed that no is giving it bird see like they used to. Ok so this is most likely a pigeon costume rather than a mutant human pigeon hybrid. What on earth it’s doing on a bench, what it’s plans are and who’s actually in the suit is beyond me.

12. Extreme Hearing Aid
Before the CIA could hack into our emails, this might have been what they used to spy on our conversations… But seriously we can imagine that this is some type of hearing device but what exactly he’s trying to listen still remains a mystery. Just don’t talk trash behind his back, or discuss plans or plot world domination within a 5 mile radius of this guy.

11. Snake Hair
If that really is a snake on top of her head, this woman has some serious issues. Wigs are much cheaper and normally won’t asphyxiate you! If she ends up in the hospital, it would just be an example of natural selection at it’s finest. What’s most unexplainable about this photo is how lady gaga didn’t think of it first!

10. Hangover
This what happens to people when they get married in Vegas! They have a few drinks, make some bad decisions and then wake married to a horse!

9. Extreme Circusing
The next time you complain someone pulls your hair too hard, take a look at this photo. How is her scalp not ripped out from her scalp? Is her hair made of metal wire or something? Maybe some of youtube physics experts can explain this!

8. Squirrel Nightmares
Just don’t even try to explain this one! Please! It’s simply not necessary to understand the details on this photo.

7. Suction Cups
How does this guy do it! He seemingly defies gravity by keeping all these cups from falling down!

6. Koala Man
Who is the true identity of koala, where does he come from and what on earth is he drinking? These are all questions we don’t need to know! It’s just another disturbing photo found on the internet! Get over it.

5. Inflatable Pants
It’s just better we don’t explain this one or, you might not ever want to swim in the ocean again.

4. Chainsaw Haircut
This appears to be the only proper way for lumberjacks to get haircuts! But it’s definitely not recommended!

3. Pumpkin Man
Everyone needs to get into the fall spirit and dress themselves up not with halloween costumes but with about dozen pumpkins instead.

2.Donut Bath
Welcome to the weird side of the Internet everyone! Donut bathes don’t happen everyday, but they sure are sweet!

1. Return of Shark Girl
Once you thought you were done with shark girl, she follows you here by this lake..and she’s back! She’s finally left the flying pig and sitting by herself just looking for someone to play with her and some fresh meat! What mayor allowed such strange artwork in their city! You don’t need to know the real story to this, don’t research, somethings can be left as mysteries.

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