Apr 11, 2016
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31 Pieces of Unbelievable Origami Artwork

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For all you origami lovers out there you are going to love these 31 pieces of jaw dropping origami artwork. Number 31 is simply unbelievable.

1. The White Swan Queen

The White Swan Queen

I know I said origami was more than swans. But this is like a Queen Swan. Better than all the other origami swans, ruling over all of them on their origami pond.



How is this even possible? Through the power of folding, I guess. I don’t know, I just think it’s super cool.

3. Getting Paper(Clips)

31 Unbelievable Pieces Of Origami Art

“OMG Brian has the best paperclip holder ever.” “I know right?” – What your coworkers will be saying when you show them your paperclip holder.

4. One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish

But you know, more than that.

5. The Bird Version

6. Paper Folded, I Am

There is not try, there is only do or do not. Fold the paper you must.

7. Rhino Power

Damn, kid. Now that’s some folding. There is a “tusk” pun in here somewhere.


Cool enough to make Bryan Williams jealous.

9. Papyrus Prime

Optimus Prime Paper Folder more like.

10. But Can It Breathe Fire?

No, no it can’t.

11. Carp Diem

Now all we need is 10,000 sheets of blue construction paper and we can make a koi pond.

12. Fishing For Benjamins

Never has the fishing business been more profitable.

13. Paper Man To The Rescue

Iron Man as portrayed by Pulpert Downey Jr. (sorry).

14. I Just Wanted To Play Basketball

But thanks, I guess?

15. Paper City

Not sure if this is technically Origami but it’s made of paper and is cool as all get out. So whatever.

16. We Making Paper

Is it just me, or is someone out there a paper wizard?

17. Paper Is Mighter Than The Sword

The artist says it’s supposed to be a helmet, but I like “cool pointy thing” better.

18. This Bird’s Got Wings

The Bird With Paper Wings seems like it should be the name of a poem. It probably already is.

19. Leaffrogging

The Frog and The Leaf should also be a poem. I guess paper folding just brings out the romantic in me.

20. Spring Back, Or Wait Is It Forward? I Can Never Remember

Here’s a origami spring. No word on whether it works or not.

21. Hedwig LIVES!!!!!!!!!



Hitchcock would be proud.

23. I Don’t Want A Pony. I Wan’t a Unicorn!

They are real!

24. The Majesty of Flight

The Wright Bros wish they had something this cool.

25. I Can Hear The Ocean!

She sells seashells by the seashore.

26. Fake! Everyone Knows the Millennium Falcon is Grey.

Canonically speaking, Han Solo wouldn’t of had enough credits to actually afford this, but it’s pretty awesome.

27. X-Wing Nation

And the requisite X-Wing to keep good ol’ Han company.

28. Bugging Out

Beetle Bailey’s got nothing on this little guy.

29. Moose Tracks

Is the plural of moose “meese”? I always forget.

30. This Is A Buckyball.

I imagine Calvin and Hobbes could use this for a rousing round of Calvinball.

31. But Is It Faster Than Turbo?

Are Turbo references still timely? Unlike many things you can try these at home! Yay!

Source: BuzzFeed.com – Origami Art

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