Apr 2, 2017
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Top Things You Should Know About Fast Food

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Whether you like or or not, we have all eaten fast food. Here are 10 things you should know about fast food. Do your research!

6. Medium is Large
Fast Food restaurants often want people to choose the larger of the three options, simply because it costs more and it helps you get hooked. But people often tend to chose the middle option when they go out to enjoy the best of both worlds. So what do restaurants do for the middle option? Well they basically give you a large, say it’s a medium, charge you more for it and give you about the same quantity. In some video on youtube, a man grabs a mcdonald’s medium soda, pours it into a large and shows how there is little to no difference in volume. If you want to know the truth, try it out for yourself! The cups are basically shaped in a matter to make you believe your gettings a much bigger

5. Pink Slime
Ever remember seeing this photo of what’s known as Pink Slime? If you live in the US, it’s possibly you could have eaten it as well. Pink slime is a meat-based product that McDonald’s was using in order to reduce the overall fat content of beef as well as make the meat as cheap as possible. This is basically a mash of beef trimmings from various locations of the cow, that is spun at a high speed to reduce fat levels. At the end of the process, the beef contains the a high amount of bacteria, partially due to the regions of beef, so they started adding a chemical known as ammonium hydroxide. This basically a gaseous form of ammonia and this is what turns it pink. This substance has been banned in Canada and the European Union and eventually in 2012 it was banned in the US. Anything that contains 15 percent of this slime, can be labelled as ground beef, so watch out!

4. Mount Washington Scam
A series of strange phone scams took place during the early 2000’s to fast food restaurants across the country. The incidents came from pay phones or collect calls from an unknown man posing as a police officer and would convince managers of fast food restaurants to conduct strip searches on female employees or perform bizarre acts on behalf of the police. Louise Ogborn who was 18 at the time, was instructed to be strip searched and perform other strange, lewd behaviors in the McDonald’s back office by her managers that were being told by the prankster. The person on the phone explained that there were no other officers available at the time to perform the search. The search continued for 2 hours until the person on the phone admitted that it was all a prank. The two managers were convicted of sexual assault and Louise Ogborn received over a million dollars after suing the fast food franchise.

3. Large By Proximity
If a big fast food restaurant opens near you, you may be ronald mcdonald’s next victim of obesity! It’s been proven that one of the biggest allures of fast food, is that it’s fast, convenient, and easy to access. Basically if it’s close enough to us, it may be too difficult to resist the temptation to stop there for dinner. According to a study by Columbia University, having a fast food restaurant 1 tenth of a mile from a school, increases the probability of obesity of the students by 5.2 percent. They also calculated, that a pregnant woman living from a half mile of a fast food restaurant, has a 2.5 percent chance of gaining over 44 pounds during their pregnancy! Just bring some snacks with you and keep it healthy!

2. Unwanting Dressing
Ok so you’re going to a fast food restaurant and you tell yourself, you’re going to keep it healthy and order a salad! This might not be the best option either! They don’t always tell you right away that, they’re putting on an unwanted dressing on your salad that contain propylene glycol, which is the ingredient found in antifreeze. Fast food industries most commonly put this on lettuce to keep things fresh, according to Robyn O’Brien. Small amounts are sprinkled on your salad and health officials claim this isn’t enough to harm anyone severely but that doesn’t mean it’s not harmless! Some even think that pregnant women consuming even small traces of this chemical could result in possible birth defects!

So when you’re at home and you want to make yourself a strawberry milkshake, you might consider only using milk, ice cream, frozen strawberries and maybe some vanilla extract for flavor. McDonald’s recipe is a tad more complicated. According to the Guardian.com, there are 59 ingredients in McDonald’s Strawberry shake, something that should seem pretty simple. Despite the large amounts of corn syrup already being used there are a few things that may shock you. It almost seems like they need chemists working behind the register there. Some of these yummy chemicals include, phenethyl alcohol which is used as a preservative in soap and the solvent ethyl acetate which is found in nail polish and glue! Bon appetite!

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