Jul 27, 2016
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Top Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have a Dog – 23 Adorable Photos

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Having a dog growing up is a special experience nobody ever forgets. Your first dog as a child is oftentimes the most memorable. For many kids, dogs are like an additional brother or sister. Except they dont get mad at you and are much more tolerable to your kid-like behavior!

Not everyone gets to experience having a family dog. Parents who are cat people will introduce their children to cats, rather than dogs. Cats tend to be a little more squirrely around children.

There’s really nothing like having a family dog when you are a child. Dogs can be so playful and cuddly around children, and the following pictures reveal just that. Enjoy these ultra-adorable photos of dogs and children!

1. Kids who grow up with a dog learn certain things other kids don’t.

2. For instance, there’s no need to be scared of the dark

3. As long as you’ve got someone to cuddle.

4. Unconditional love exists.

5. It’s ok to be vulnerable.

6. Sometimes you fall down …

7. But someone will pick you up again.

8. Lean on your friends if you need to.

9. Let others take care of you.

10. A hug is a beautiful thing.

11. You can have lots of friends …

12. While still cherishing the ones that are closest to you!

13. Enjoy life’s happy moments …

14. No matter how big …

15. Or how small.

16. Always be learning.

17. Be creative.

18. Be unafraid to stand on the shoulders of giants.

19. Big opportunities can come in small packages.

20. There’s always time for fun.

21. Sharing really is caring.

22. Help each other out whenever you can.

23. Finally, remember that you’re never on your own.

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