Apr 8, 2017
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Thrift Store Finds You Won’t Believe

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You won’t believe the incredible finds people actually made in thrift stores from $80,000 in bonds to an original Pablo Picasso piece!!

8. Harry Potter Memorabilia
Oh, happy day! ‘Tis a Harry Potter lover’s dream! All of this was just snatched up from local thrift stores by one Imgur user who managed to snap this picture and upload it onto the website for all to see. Some people just love the wizarding world of Harry Potter more than others. This right here? This is the pure definition of being a Potterhead. How long do you think this took the person to collect? Since these are all thrift store finds, the collector probably didn’t pay any more than say $100 for all of it?

7. A Kindle Fire
So ever since the Kindle came out practically everyone and their mother has been wanting to get their hands on it. Then, the Kindle Fire came out and everyone wanted to abandon their old model for the latest thing, which is to be expected. You’re probably wondering what’s so special about finding a kindle fire inside of a thrift store, right? Well, normally one of these bad boys would cost you $99 but let’s get real because it’ll probably be more like $105 with shipping. This person managed to get theirs for $24! An absolute steal. They practically walked off with it in their coat pocket.

6. An Original Picasso Poster
Zachary Bodish didn’t think much of the poster he bought advertising for Picasso’s ceramic sculptures for only $14.14. He just thought that it would look pretty cool hanging inside of his house. Oh, how fortune favors the unknowing. Bodish initially believed that he had purchased a copy but he started to do some research and had the poster taken to an authenticator who identified Picasso’s signature red marks on the corner of it. Turns out that poster was actually an original piece and that small purchase of $14.14 turned into a $7,000 steal when he managed to sell it.

5. This Strange Thing
Thrift stores are notorious for harboring some strange and interesting pieces donated by their equally strange and interesting owners. This, however, happens to surpass strange and skips straight to downright horrifying. At first glance, you’re probably wondering what this thing even is but would you be surprised if we told you it was a bike helmet? Yup, someone took a gator’s head, glued some horns and fur to it, and put a human hand replica inside its mouth…at least we hope it’s a replica. You have to have a lot of time on your hands to make something that looks this ridiculous.

4. A Gucci Sweater
There’s no denying that thrift stores have a plethora of donated merchandise that’s just waiting to be sifted through. It just takes a little hard work, some elbow grease, and a lot of patience but sometimes all of that pays off. Just like the person who found this sweater. Not just any sweater. This is an original Gucci sweater that is 100 percent cotton made in Italy with its tags still attached and priced at almost $500. You could buy like 10 sweaters at the Gap for that same price but this person got the deal of a lifetime. Who donates a perfectly good Gucci sweater?

3. A Diamond Ring
In 2010, a 2.6 diamond ring was discovered inside of a Pennsylvania thrift store and was appraised at being $17,500. A retired jeweler who’s employed by the company was sorting through the donations at the Harrisburg distribution center when he discovered the ring. If the ring’s true value hadn’t have been found it probably would have been labeled with a price tag of around $5 to $10. The goodwill store planned to auction it online with a starting bid of $15,000. Could you imagine finding that ring amongst all the fake costume jewelry and paying like 5 bucks for it? So close.

2. $80,000 Bonds
Back in 2014, a woman from Northern Virginia, who wishes to remain anonymous, donated an old desk of hers to her local Goodwill store. When the employees were cleaning out the desk they discovered an old cigar box hidden in one of the draws. Inside the box were bonds that were worth around $80,000. The employees had managed to track the woman down through her Facebook account and returned her bonds. Apparently, her parents collected them for 30 years and left them to her but she could never find them. Until now. Yay, happy ending for, well, just her.

1. An Original Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence
Michael Sparks, pictured in the following image, was the lucky guy who managed to purchase one of the original copies of The Declaration Of Independence all for just $2.48. It was donated to a thrift store in Nashville, Tennessee where its previous owner had also bought it from a thrift store and held onto it for about 10 years. It was after he married his wife that she forced him to donate a lot of his “junk” as he described himself as a packrat. It’s estimated that the document is worth being $477,650 and there were only 200 of these copies made. How much luckier can you get?

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