Apr 9, 2017
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Things That Hilariously Look Like Other Things

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20 Amazing and hilarious photos you need to look at twice to see these optical illusion and silly things that just look like other things!

13. A Potato
Potatoes are awesome. No doubt about it. These starchy vegetables are so incredibly versatile. From mashed potatoes to curly fries and everything in between, the potato is truly the most iconic produce to ever be sold. What could possibly be more iconic? This potato shaped like a baby seal. Your lives have now all been enriched. You’re very welcome.

12. This Matching Pair
Question: “Who wore it better?”. This makes it so much better if this was unintentionally planned. What’s the story here? Do these two people know each other or they just passing pedestrians on their way? To be quite honest, this photo would have been 10 times better if the person flipped their phone the other way.

11. These Happy Lighters
These lighters look like they should be singing a musical number in a Disney movie, right? Look at their cute little face! Does that sign really say 394 as in $3.94? For a lighter? Mmm, no thank you. Who’s going to pay that much for a cheap gas station lighter? No respectable person that’s who. This is inflation at its finest.

10. This Excited Seashell
What did one shrimp say to the other shrimp when it wouldn’t share? Don’t be so shellfish! This was the exact joke told to the seashell in the bottom right-hand corner right before this picture was taken. It looks so happy to be a seashell. Maybe one day we can all be this happy with ourselves, flaws and all.

9. This Ironic Imagery
One of the absolute worst things to ever happen is when you get your car all nice and clean and then some evil pigeon just senses that it needs to relieve itself on your newly washed vehicle. Well, this was a double whammy. Not only did the bird poop on this car, but it left its signature calling card that exactly resembles a bird! What are the odds?

8. This Oddly-Shaped Muffin
Um, are you going to eat that? It looks like they just baked a mouse into that blueberry muffin. Blueberry muffins are pretty gross to begin with and so are rodents but this just takes to bad things and makes something even worse. That’s definitely one way to keep yourself from eating sweets. No thanks, we’ll pass on dessert this time.

7. This Tomato
Vegetable mutations are nothing new and they usually end up looking rather inedible and completely undesired. But, every so often a vegetable will become so deformed that it ends up taking the shape of something familiar. Like this tomato that looks like a duck. A duckmato, if you will. Or a dumato? Who cares about the name it’s shaped like a duck. Isn’t that enough for you?

6. This Carrot
Does this make anyone else here feel slightly uncomfortable? Asking for a friend. This is a carrot that has taken a humanoid-looking form and is bathing inside of a stew made from its relatives. It’s a carrot stewing in a stew made of carrots. The irony is rich. But really, though, carrots should not be made to look like they have limbs.

5. Kiwi Head
Who did this? This tiny human’s head apparently resembled a fuzzy kiwi so much so that it’s parent or parents stuck a kiwi sticker on their head. Petition to get rid of gender labels and henceforth refer to your offspring as kiwis. This was obviously the work of a mischievous father who got too bored waiting for his baby to wake up.

4. This French Fry
That is not a duck. We repeat, that is not a duck. It’s a french fry. A really tasty-looking french fry that happens to resemble a common waterfowl. Hopefully, this person isn’t eating french fries and then typing on their keyboard with their greasy fingers because that would be just plain nasty. Plus, that is a $1,400 dollar laptop and not your personal napkin.

3. This Puppy
This is incredibly adorable and makes living in this capitalistic dystopian worth it. They look just like twins. Honestly, if you were just to give this photo a glance you probably wouldn’t even realize one of these things is a living being. Shares this photo with your friends. It’ll clear up your face, put money in your wallet, and whiten your teeth. 10/10 would recommend.

2. This Strange Sight
What is this unholy abomination? It looks like it’s going to let out a high pitched scream if you try to take a bite out of it but then again you wouldn’t just bite into a raw eggplant. This eggplant’s facial expression is just so somber. It probably developed a sense of self-awareness and realized it’s going to get baked into eggplant parmesan.

1. This Startling Find
Look at this picture. Do you see it? The thing. It’s there you just have to look for it and then you won’t be able to unsee it. Did you find it? Okay, look at the sleeves of the red shirts. They form the shape of a face! That’s incredibly unsettling. It’s totally going to judge you if you buy the blue shirt next to it.

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