Jun 8, 2016
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The Way These Sperm Whales Sleep is Surprisingly Weird

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If you’ve ever had a pet fish, you’ve also had a dead pet fish. Whether they’re the gold fish you win at a carnival or the betas you buy at a pet store, they don’t tend to be known for their long lives. 

When you see these sleepy sperm whales, you might be reminded of that moment you came home to an oddly floating fish, but don’t worry. They really are just sleeping. It somehow doesn’t make this seem any less creepy, though. Which is good since they’re a bit too big to flush down the toilet, anyway.

(via Sploid.)

They don’t sleep for very long, however, which is probably why no one really knew about their unusual position preference. Scientists report they only catch a few hours of ZZZs before they’re back to their normal function, so you probably don’t have to worry about them giving you the willies on your underwater adventures.

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