Jun 11, 2016
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The Borders Between These Countries are Absolutely Incredible – 18 Photos

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If you want to learn about the relationship between two bordering countries, look no further than their physical boundaries. Some of them are natural wonders. Some are unwelcoming walls. Others are polite lines drawn in the ground that seem to simply request you not cross over without making your presence known to government officials.

Aside from revealing a lot about what two neighboring nations think about each other, these borders are also just cool to look at. Many are beautiful; others are super complicated. Take a look.

Norway and Sweden

Norway and Sweden haqbar

Netherlands and Belgium

Netherlands and Belgium NASA  Spain and Morocco

Spain and Morocco Spain and British Gibraltar

Spain and British Gibraltar Argentina and Brazil

Argentina and Brazil Slovakia and Poland

Slovakia and Poland Wikimedia Commons

United States and Russia

United States and RussiaIra Block

Spain and Portugal

Spain and Portugal India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland

Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil

Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil Austria and Slovenia

Austria and Slovenia Poland and Ukraine

Poland and Ukraine Former West and East Berlin

Former West and East BerlinNASA

United States and Canada

United States and Canada  NASA

Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Haiti and the Dominican Republic United States and Mexico

United States and Mexico NASA

As awesome as it was to see these pictures imagine how great the world would be if we didn’t need borders at all. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon, but one can always dream.

(via Distractify, ViralNoval)

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