Dec 16, 2015
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Is Swearing a Sign of Cleverness?

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Good news for all the potty mouth people of the world that just can’t go a sentence without using a bad word. It turns out that people that like to swear often are more articulate. That’s right. Can you believe that all those people that cuss so much, the ones that sound so uncivilized could actually be more articulate than you? Say it ain’t so. Well a study published in the Language Sciences Journal found:

“Foul mouthed people in fact have a greater vocabulary than those who abstain. Those who are more confident using rude words tend to be be more articulate, the report found.

The experiment – which sounds mightily fun – asked participants to say as many curse words as they could in a minute. They were then asked do the same with animals in the same amount of time.

The result? Those who swore the most could also name the most animals. Psychologists Kristin and Timothy Jay said this proves that those who curse have a wider vocabulary. They said: “We cannot help but judge others on the basis of their speech.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to taboo language, it is a common assumption that people who swear frequently are lazy, do not have an adequate vocabulary, lack education, or simply cannot control themselves.”

Source: Anna Frodesiak/ Wikimedia Commons

Well although this report may show that people that swear a lot may be more articulate I still believe that it just does not sound classy or professional. There is a time a place for such language so do us all a favor and try to save the curse words for the appropriate crowds and situations.

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