Apr 11, 2017
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Strangest People Found At Walmart

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WALMART! You can find everything there.. We mean EVERYTHING. Some things you don’t ask for like these strange people found at Walmart.

15. Captain America
This is a fantastic Halloween costume, and he deserves some kind of award but what is the bread? Are you on your way to a party and forgot white bread? Why do you need that? Also, we’re not at all surprised that Captain America eats white bread. He seems like the type.

14. Batman?
Wow. Batman made some poor investments. How is he still fighting crime? Everyone knows that his real superpower is being super rich. He’s just a smart, annoying really buff guy without it.

13. Fallen and I Can’t Get Back Up
If this guy wasn’t drunk when this happened, then there is an insane story surrounding this incident. Someone should really help him get out of there, though, because that looks very uncomfortable.

12. Blue Shirt
This is a guy that wore this blue shirt once and loved it so much that he had to come back to get more. Walmart has never actually been associated with quality clothes, but obviously, this guy thinks that it should be.

11. Patriotic Grandma
Hopefully, this was taking on the fourth of July or something because this is a really unsettling style to be rocking everyday. There is only so much America that you can take before you need a little bit of a break.

10. Getting Physical
Someone just escaped from the 1980s. Again, there better be some kind of party that she is going to or else everything that we know about people has been a lie all along. Or maybe this is where Richard Simmons has been all this time. Mystery solved.

9. 2 of a Kind
This isn’t like a two person costume with one-half of the donkey being worn by one person and the other half worn by the other person. This is some messed up version of friendship bracelets. We’d rather be the one that gets to have their face covered, to be honest.

8. Minion
One of these minions is not like the other. Can you guess which one it is? It’s the one wearing ugg boots and a giant fake eyeball attached to a jumper. We get that fleece onesie are all the rage right now but couldn’t have you at least picked a better movie to reference?

7. Seems Legit
We laugh at this, but this is probably something that someone could get away with if the person that they were trying to trick is dumb enough. We’re not sure what they’ve strapped to their belt, but it definitely isn’t a gun, so we’re in the clear. No crazy people will be shooting at anyone.

6. Redneck Gandalf
This guy looks like what Dumbledore would look like if they had decided to set Harry Potter in the deep south. That would have been a very, very different story. It would also be a theme park that is much more likely to give you tetanus than the current one.

5. Tie Dye
You could almost be persuaded to think that maybe the brown pattern on the back of her pants was an unfortunate design flaw in the tie dying process. Taking a closer look, though, you’re able to see that the poor girl in the background is desperately covering her nose to try to block out the smell. It looks like she might be with someone and if so, then it might be a good idea to visit the air freshener aisle before you checkout.

4. Hitching A Ride
The girl looks like she has a bad knee, but this is just excessive. The worst part of this picture is the completely indifferent expression of the clerk’s faces. This apparently happens every day for them. What a terrible place to work.

3. Honest Abe
This is the perfect opportunity to rewrite the past. Stop him from getting assassinated! Just tell him never to visit a theater ever again, and he should be okay. Also getting a new hat couldn’t be remiss.

2. Easter Bunny
This actually legitimately terrifying. The costume looks like it’s seen some wear and tear so it can’t be one off thing. People get up to some weird stuff but walking around in a bunny suit is something only toddlers can get away with, and even they are still weird for doing it.

This Is Your Brain On Drugs
It’s Christmas time, so it is no time for a scary clown. This would be excusable if it were Halloween but this is just frightening. With the FBI investigating the current uptick in clown appearances, this is just one more in a line of creepy people that should stop trying to scare small children.

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