Nov 23, 2015
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Pennies, What are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing?

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After reading this interesting article about pennies I have to agree with what John Oliver talked on his show “Last Week Tonight.” I mean I never thought of it in a way that it cost more money to produce a penny than what the actual penny is worth. It cost about 1.7 cents per penny to make.

I’ve included part of the article here to read for yourself and see if you feel the same way as Oliver does about U.S. pennies being a waste.

“Pennies are so worthless that people won’t stop to pick them up, and 2 percent of Americans admit to throwing them in the garbage. And if you think tossing them in the trash is bad, Oliver found a reddit thread titled, “I put a penny in my butt and now I can’t get it out.” 

Turns out the person did it because, “I wanted to know what it would feel like to put a cold penny up my butt. (I put it in the fridge for like… 2-3 hours)” Oliver even found a case of a dog that ate 111 pennies. 

He said there’s really only two things pennies are good for. First, you can throw them into a fountain to make a wish — although given the low value of the penny, that wish would have to be small. Oliver suggested, “I wish somewhere in the world a mouse has a good day” or, “I wish I knew what a penny looked like underwater.” And second, they can be used out of spite — like when people pay parking tickets in pennies.”

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