Apr 23, 2016
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School girls Bully Their Classmate – See How People Responded

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Bullying is very serious and the stats are very alarming. Turns out a whopping 1 in 3 kids in school will end up being bullied. Its a rough experience to go through and if its ongoing it can be very detrimental to a childs development.

Bullying doesnt exist just in the classroom or the playground anymore. Theres another world where it is running rampant. The online world. With a click of a few buttons, a child can now become instantly bullied while not even attending school.

Who needs to step up to stop this bullying behavior? We do. Whenever we see it, we need to either step in or report it right away. Thankfully, this indeed is occurring and this video is very inspiring as it shows complete strangers stepping in and taking action to end the harmful acts of bully behavior.

This is a very revealing PSA which shows just how dangerous bullying is and how its up to us as a society to stop it. Ending this culture of bullying behavior is a must if we want our kids to grow up in positive environments, rather than fearful, negative, and harmful environments that can lead to a child developing all sorts of problems as he or she becomes older.

Share this video with everyone you know in order to end this continual cycle of bullying behavior.

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