Another Shocking Fashion Show by Rick Owens

Now Rick Owens has always been known to put rather shocking fashion shows together but I think this one take the cake for sure. His latest experiment consist of women carrying other women around in all sorts of what some would consider weird positions.

The concept involved models actually wearing other women. There were 12 models equipped with harnesses, carrying other models that were positioned in front, in back and upside down while strutting down the runway in thick strapped leather gladiator sandals.

This one is one of those where you sure hope the model cleaned up really well or things could get a bit shall we say sour.

Can you say head rush? I don’t know about you but I don’t think I would want to hang upside down while strapped to someone walking down the runway. We’re talking some major blood rushing to your head here.

I wonder if I can good a deal on this human backpack outfit? So yeah to me this was a very weird fashion show. I know that a little of designers want to show their creativity by really pushing the envelope but at least there is some sort of fashion that someone might just wear. As far as wearing people around all day, I don’t know. Maybe this fashion will be incorporated into some sort of sex toy accessories.

Rick Owens Shocking 2016 Fashion Line: