Apr 4, 2017
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Want a Dog? Here’s Some Amazing Reason to Own a Dog

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Great reasons you should be a dog owner like the amazing health benefits of stress relief to getting a adorable animal best friend!

9. Bad Short Term Memory
While human friends might tend to remember every little mistake you’ve ever made in your life or something stupid you said while you were drunk, dogs neither or remember. This also means you can mess around with your dog, pull it’s tail, pretend to feed it then don’t, to get them to play and they’ll still be your best friend no matter what!..

8. Portable Dishwashers
It might sound a little bit gross but hear out the theory before you judge! Each time you finish a meal, there’s always a little bit of food left on your plate. Whether it’s spaghetti sauce, meat loaf, whatever, a dog will definitely clean that off for you before you put it in the sink! Here’s where the dog comes in. The can polish that plate for you in a matter of seconds and you won’t even have to run the garbage disposal. And then of course, you put it in the dishwasher.

7. They Mimic Reactions
Dogs are experts in reading body language and it will often try to match the mood your in. It can tell from the pitch of your voice, and the expression on your face whether you’re feeling blue or not. So if you start feeling a little bit blue, your dog will probably give you those big puppy eyes and want to ask you what’s wrong. If it can tell you’re happy and it has the energy, it’s probably jump on you and want to play! It’s always good to have a companion that shares similar mood that you’re in.

6. Intelligent Creatures
Depending on what breed you decide to go with, the intelligence will vary. But for the most part, all dogs are pretty smart animals with keen instincts. As we mentioned, it can read your facial expressions but also, they have a wide range of facial expressions themselves. This can be displayed for example when they tilt their heads, when they come across something unfamiliar. Dogs are also trainable in many ways that cats are not. How many cats have you seen work with police forces, tracking down lost children with their sense of smell? That’s right. Zero!

5. Always There!
Have you ever made plans with a human companion only to find out 10 minutes before you go out, they made other plans? Well with dogs you really don’t have to worry, because they’re not going anywhere unless you’re the one that takes them! Dogs haven’t quite figured out how to use cell phones yet and call up the neighbor’s poodle to bail on you! You’ll also never eat a meal by yourself again after getting a dog, and they’ll be right there by your side hoping you’ll drop a french fry, no matter what the situation is.

4. Resistance to Allergies
While some may be triggered by dogs for allergies those who’ve grown up in a house with pet dogs become more allergy resistant over the course of their lives, from a study in 2010 at the university of Cincinnati. This doesn’t just mean allergies to animals but reactions like eczema were less likely for children who grew up with a dog by the age they were 4. This tends to strengthens people’s immune systems. However people who owned cats had the opposite effect and became more allergy prone

3. Better Heart Health
Many things about dogs seem to link to better heart health. The exercise, the lower stress level and now just from the act of petting dogs, researchers have noticed that it tends to lower blood pressure as well. A Chinese study showed that dog owners tended to get better sleep at night and weren’t sick as often as non dog owners. Other studies show that dog owners have better cholesterol levels than non dog owners and were more likely to survive a heart attack!

2. They Can Detect Cancer
Your dog could really save your life some day in the future! But is it possible they have the ability to sniff out cancer as well? Stories emerged from the news about a woman who had a dog that would keep licking and smelling the same lump on her body until she finally got it checked out. It turns out the the pup was trying to tell her she had cancer the whole time! This was later backed up by scientific studies. Dogs, like this one in the photo, are now being trained to detect ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

1.Best Companions
After all these different things we’ve mentioned on this list, the most important reason you should get a dog, is because they make the best companions out of any pets. People can’t always be around when you need them to be because they simply have a life of their own. For dogs, you are their life. They rely on you to feed them and bathe and they never want to leave your side. When you’re gone, they wait outside the door until you come home and can’t wait to see you once your back.

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