Mar 25, 2017
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The Most Amazing Rare And Beautiful Sights In Nature

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From the largest opal in the world to amazing sights like dangerous fire whirls to the strange Australian Pink lake!

Colored Mountains
7. The colored mountains in China are an excellent symbol of beauty in our world. These mountains flow with color and vibrancy that is not seen in many other places on our planet. These mountains were made from sandstone, and it is exceptionally rare for a geological formation to come up with this sort of coloration. It is a result of overlapping colors of sandstone being pushed together for millions of years.

Australian Pink Lake
6. This pink lake is an amazing occurrence that is located on the coast of Australia. It is not always pink, but when conditions are right the algae and brine shrimp in the lake begin to turn red, which subsequently turns the lake pink. The salt level in the lake has to be very high for this to occur, but it does occur quite regularly. This lake is a wonder of nature with amazing properties that are not common in most of the natural world.

The Spotted Lake
5. The spotted lake is an alkaline lake located in Canada. It has a strange look to it, with large multicolored disks, seemingly forming on its surface. However, they are actually not on the surface, in fact, this is what the lake looks like when parts of it are dried up. The alkaline mixed with the mineral concentrations cause the lake to be very easily evaporable and refillable, so when the weather is right, big holes evaporate out of the lake, leaving these spots. The colors are a result of the various minerals present in the lake.

The Door to Hell
4. The Door to Hell is a result of natural phenomena, but it is not a natural occurrence itself. It is located on a natural gas field in Turkmenistan and in 1971, this section of it collapsed. The scientists who were studying it at the time were a bit too careless and to be blunt about it, they set it on fire. This fire pit has been burning for over 40 years now, making it the longest burning fire in recorded history for quite a long time. The chances are that this fire will be burning for many years to come.

Giant Opal
3. In this image, you see the world’s largest opal that has ever been found. Opals are exceedingly rare gems that are only found in very specific parts of the world. One of these locations is the state of Nevada, where the world’s only known concentration of black opals resides. This opal is massive, and it is nearly 55,000 carats in size. Its value is estimated at over a million dollars, and it is certainly a rare and beautiful occurrence in nature.

2. Bioluminescence is a rarely seen, but commonly occurring thing in our world. The reason we rarely see it is because it occurs in the ocean. However, sometimes it washes up to shore where we can observe it in close detail. It is primarily the emission of light by an organism. The organism that causes this most frequently is Vibrio bacteria and certain types of plankton. This creates a vibrant and blue glow that lights up the night with a heavenly aura from the sea. There are other animals that are capable of bioluminescence, a good example of these would be fireflies. For a very long time, people could not accurately explain what these glowing lights were that came from the sea and washed up on shore. Eventually, someone decided to fish one of these little twinkles out of the water, though, and we discovered something about our world that is truly fascinating.

Aurora Borealis
1. Most people have heard of the Northern Lights and a large number of people have seen them as well. The Aurora borealis is caused by radiation at the poles of our planet. The concentration of this radiation in our atmosphere can be attributed to the magnetic poles of our planet and most people do not know this, but they are very deadly. If you were to walk directly through the Northern Lights you would die very quickly of painful radiation poisoning. Despite this, they are a beautiful occurrence in our world and we have been admiring them since the dawn of man. Some people have viewed them as the heavens while others have viewed them as scientific phenomena. Regardless of how you view them though, they are unquestionably beautiful and like everything else on this list, they are unique and rare occurrence that can only be observed with fascination and awe.

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