Mar 25, 2017
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Are These Photoshoped or are These the Craziest Types of Dogs

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From unusual but amazing dog grooming art to shocking dog breeds that you need to see like the tallest dog the Irish Wolfhound.

8. Irish Wolfhound
Irish wolfhounds are known as the tallest of all dog breeds, growing 32 inches tall but are calm, sweet and easy going dogs to get along with. Their history is rather intriguing as well. It’s believed that these dogs have been in Ireland since 7000 BC and were even used in battle. Some believe they were able to take a knight right off his horse. These were also exclusively owned by royalty in the 19th century and used for hunting. If you have allergies this dog might not be the one for you. It often sheds its long fur, and you’ll basically be finding hair everywhere you go.

7. Akita
Also known as the Great Japanese dog, this breed can be slightly aggressive but make for great guard dogs because of their alertness. They commonly participate in hunting and guarding activities and are actually quite low maintenance. When not protecting you from intruder, it enjoys time at the dog park, and being playful and energetic towards children. The Akita, does however, need some training before it is introduced to kids since it doesn’t handle being teased with easily. It has a long tail and is double coated meaning it will shed a lot.

6. Afghan Hound
This aristocratic dog is tall and slender, with a narrow head and powerful jaws. It’s long thick, silky coat can be a variety of different colors but is often described as sand color. It’s been described as a king among dogs for it’s majestic and elegant appearance. Male afghans tend to grow larger than the females and can reach heights of 29 inches! These dogs do need special attention and must be walked every day or they will display behavioral problems. It’s fur requires a lot special care and it needs to be bathed more often than your average dog or its fur may become matted. If the coat looks similar to this, it may even win you best in show!

5. Doberhuahua
A mix between a doberman pincher and a chihuahua makes for quite an interesting breed. It turns out that this photo was actually from an Audi Superbowl advertisement in 2014 and it kind of makes you wonder what a mix between these two species would actually look like or if it’s even possible. You actually can splice a chihuahua with a miniature pinscher and get something that would look like this. It results in a designer dog known as the Chipin and share quite a few qualities of both breeds.

4. Cockapoos
So what do you get when you get when you mix a cocker spaniel and a poodle! A cockapoo! Cockapoos are the oldest known designer dog and makes for a loving companion and are basically bred to be a party animal. They overly friendly, rarely aggressive and make friends quickly. This popular crossbred spread actually on accident and is only supposed to be created using a purebred poodle and a purebred cocker spaniel. However, you should be careful when feeding them, since they are known to become overweight quite easily.

3. Puli
This is probably one of the craziest dog breeds ever! It has such a unique look, that some people aren’t even sure if it’s a dog or what it is! It sports the dreadlocks almost like a rastafarian reggae mon from kingston! But it’s actually a hungarian sheep dog. These are energetic, fun-loving dogs who needs a high quality diet for it to properly function. While trying to keep them at your house, you’ll notice how it acts quite like a sheep dog and this is engrained in its genetics! Some owners have claimed that they trained this animal to round up laundry and another claimed it was able of keeping birds and other animals from invading his garden! The Puli will need to enroll into training classes after you pick him up from the dog store or it will most likely end up being agressive and cautious with strangers. It normally is able to achieve it’s famous dreadlock style look after about 4 years. But at least you won’t have to brush him!

2. Eagle Dog
Some dogs with long coats can be given extreme haircuts that might make a lot of you cringe. This patriotic pooch was designed to look like a completely different animal! It’s now been transformed into an eagle. It wishes some day it could spread it’s wings and fly away.

1. Zombie Dog
Everyone watch out! Zombie dogs are on the loose and this one here is especially dangerous! They are capable of becoming zombies as well. Either that’s the case or the owner went a tad over board. It leaves you a little unsure of whether you should pet it or run as far away as possible!

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