Apr 16, 2017
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Photos You Have To See To Believe

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Photoshop, or real? Here are 18 photos you wont believe people actually took! You will have to look twice.

10. A Volcanic Eruption
This photo happens to be completely unaltered in any way. Yup, no photo editing, no apps, and no color correction. See, it was back when a volcano in the Sumatra Island had erupted and covered the area with a thick layer of ash. Then this little hibiscus flower managed to bloom and a little color to such a gray and desolate looking scene. Kudos to the photographer.

9. This Powerline
This looks like some new piece of performance art but let it be known that this nothing more than just a regular old powerline. Why does it look like that you ask? Well, apparently the base of the structure was somehow burned off and the wires are still able to hold up what’s left of the pole without needing any lower support at all.

8. The Airport At Maho Beach
Whoever decided to build an airport right next to the beach must have been off their rocks and even more so the person that approved the idea. It just seems like an inevitable accident that will eventually happen. Although, this backdrop does make for some pretty cool selfies but then again is it really worth the risk? Mmm, no thank you.

7. The Sun Cruise Resort
It might look like this cruise resort was shipwrecked by a giant tidal wave but rest assured that it’s not. In fact, it’s not even a real cruise ship. That’s right, the Sun Cruise Resort in South Korea was merely designed to look like a cruise ship and was specifically placed on the cliff. It’s a pretty cool design but building your resort on a cliff just sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

6. The Radisson Blu Hotel
Check it out, the Radisson Blu Hotel which is located in Berlin, Germany has a giant aquarium that is situated right in the middle of it and giant isn’t even the right word to describe the AquaDom. The cylinder aquarium happens to stand at a height of 82 feet and holds a million liters of salt water. There are dozens of tropical fish living inside and the hotel even let’s experienced divers go inside and explore.

5. These Soldiers
Okay, ladies, now let’s get in Formation. Yaas, look at these soldiers all lined up perfectly and looking like somebody used the cloning tool on photoshop. It’s crazy how they’re all different people but they appear to be so closely identical in height, weight, and build. They’re even marching in unison. That most take hours upon hours of training to perfect and it definitely shows.

4. This 33-pound Goldfish
Attention children. Do you know why your parents tell you not to flush your pet goldfish down the toilet? This. This is why. Look at the size of this thing! This isn’t really a goldfish. It’s actually an orange koi carp and they usually grow to be around this size. This one was captured in southern France by this man named Raphael Biagini and weighed an impressive 33-pounds.

3. This Intense Rain Cloud
Nature really is something magical and provides us with an absurd amount of beauty that we sometimes might overlook and take for granted. That being said, there are two sides to every coin. Nature is also capable of being fearsome and ugly. This photo of a rain cloud should serve as a reminder that nature can turn at the drop of a dime.

2. The Ladybower Reservoir
No, there isn’t a giant hole in the earth that’s swallowing all the water out of this lake. This is actually a man-made funnel that was created as part of a draining system that is supposed to remove any extra water during floods. The reservoir is quite a sight and is located in Derbyshire, England for tourists all over the world to visit if interested.

1. Brutus the Bear
Brutus here isn’t a regular bear, he’s a cool bear. The thing that separates him from all the other bears is that Brutus is more of a human really. When he was just a little cub, Brutus was at risk of being euthanized due to an overpopulation of bears and so Casey Anderson adopted him. Anderson has raised and taken care of his 800-pound best friend for years. Brutus occasionally eats at the dinner table as depicted in the picture below and was the best man in Anderson’s wedding to actress Missi Pyle.

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