Nov 30, 2015
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Phone Obsessed Mom Gets Fined by Son

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Smart phone users beware that you could ticketed outrageous fines for obsessive phone use. We are all guilty of it or may know someone that is completely obsessed with their phones. I know for a fact that I am definitely guilty of spending way too much time on occasion using my electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and phones.

Technology has come so far to make our lives so much easier that it’s not hard to find ourselves constantly using apps and other features on our phones to perform everyday tasks. I mean things like chatting with friends and family, viewing pictures and videos, or just surfing the web and a lot of others things can be done right from your phone.

Well one young little boy decided he was going to take a stand against his mom’s constant cell phone use by writing her a ticket with a fine so large that it could take a lifetime to pay off or maybe just a batch of cookie could get her out of the dog house.

So to all you obsessive electronics device using violators let this be a warning that you too could end up paying the ultimate fine. I guess we can all learn something from this and that is to take a break away from our electronics and spend more time with our love ones.

View the Hilarious Ticket Here

Boy Tickets Mom for Phone Use




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