May 14, 2016
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Not So Fast: 2 Year Old Pulled Over By The Police

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Image: Provided by CBS Interactive Inc

Why on earth would a police officer be pulling over a 2 year old child? What could this child be doing? I thought adults were the only offenders a police officer could pull over? This story gets even more hilarious once you find out why the police officer pulled over a 2 year old.

The cute 2 year old was driving around her neighborhood one afternoon with her nanny in her toddler sized yellow Mini Cooper just as the neighborhood cop was getting off work. Luckily he spotted the toddler and decided to make her day since she enjoys the lights and sirens on the police cruiser. 

The friendly neighborhood officer later told the toddler’s mother that her daughter was charged with multiple offenses, including speeding, driving under aged, picking her nose, and, “her Taylor Swift music was too loud.” How funny and cute is that! Read Full Story. 

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