Apr 22, 2016
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McDonald’s Dishes You Can’t Buy In America

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Did you know McDonald’s menu items vary from country to country? What may be available in America may not be available in Italy and vice versa. How weird is that?? Well believe it! There is a list of international McDonald’s menu items you won’t find in the U.S. This list includes weird, delicious, gross, and unusual McDonald’s menu items from all around the world. If you have traveled internationally and visited a McDonald’s abroad, you may have noted that while some of the menu items in McDonald’s in other countries are similar to U.S. items, there are many McDonald’s items that you have never seen before.


Why is McDonald’s menu different in other countries? It’s simple: they want to sell their food in those countries and people around the world have different tastes and cultural customs that allow them to enjoy some fast food over others. The fast food masterminds behind the McDonald’s empire are smart. Have a look at this list and see where your next travel destination will be based on your love for the golden arches!

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