Jan 25, 2016
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Mapo Connected Beauty Mask

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Now you can better understand your skin and boost its moisture with our patented Mask and its companion App! After two years of R&D, enabling for the first time the convergence between a new generation of sensors and biology, Wired Beauty® has invented and patented MAPO®, a fully personalized connected, multi-function and easy-to-use beauty mask. Wired beauty has developed the MAPO® as a truly new service for your skin moisture to help optimize your beauty routine and make you skin more radiant.

MAPO® is made of different layers enabling all its technical features. Flexible electronics are safely integrated into soft medical grade silicon to ensure a soft and secure contact with your skin.
Data is gathered to a battery-powered gateway which transmit it to your smart phone via Bluetooth low energy. Learn More About Mapo Connected Beauty Mask

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