Dec 4, 2015
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Did Einstein Discover the Theory of Relativity With Legos?

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Lego Pieces

Did one of the greatest minds of mankind Albert Einstein uncover the greatest discovery of our time using simple Legos? Well of course the answer to this question is no but did you know that teachers are starting to use Lego pieces as a way of teaching kids basic math solving.

Legos have been bringing enjoyment to kids and adults alike since their beginning in 1949. Over the years Lego has accumulated a huge following and has been the choice for creative minds to create their masterpieces time and time again.

Everyone knows that Legos are great for stimulating your imagination, creative abilities, and logical thinking but have you ever thought that using Lego pieces could help you with math also?

School teachers like Alycia Zimmerman are using Legos to help develop basic math skills among her pupils. Lego blocks, she finds, offer a great opportunity to explain fundamental math concepts and calculations in a way that is immediately understandable for young minds. See How It Works

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