Jun 11, 2016
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Ingenious Solution Professor Uses to Fix Tardy Students

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Skipping class is one thing. It’s disrespectful to the professor and it’s usually detrimental to your own education, but at least it doesn’t bother anyone else. Being late to class on the other hand is disrespectful, detrimental, and a nuisance to everybody in the class. And if numerous people are late every day, the distraction increases almost exponentially.

So when Professor King’s students began getting increasingly comfortable with being tardy to an early class he was teaching, he knew he had to get things under control. And he had a simple, ingenious solution. Anyone who arrived late saw this posted on the door…

Professor Fixes Tardiness Problem

Via: Reddit

It’s safe to say, that quite a few alarms will be ringing a few minutes earlier than usual on Monday morning.

Source: TwentyTwoWords.com

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