Mar 28, 2017
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Incredible Super Foods for a Healthier Diet

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These 15 amazing and delicious fruits and veggies are the best way to start your healthy lifestyle, eat lots of apples & avocados!

7. Asparagus is another vegetable from which some people tend to shy away. Some are not fond of its taste, and some are not fond of its smell. However, regardless of its taste and smell, it has some seriously amazing health benefits for the human body that should not be ignored. It is considered a cleanser in the food world. It helps flush your body of all the harmful buildup that occurs in there, and it protects you from certain diseases and health issues that could be severe. Asparagus is one of the best vegetables out there for your health.

Broccoli Sprouts
6. Broccoli is a very beneficial food for our health as it stands. However, broccoli sprouts are even better for our bodies and provide significantly more of the benefits that are already provided by broccoli. They are essentially infant broccoli plants that are harvested early. They do not taste like what you are used to broccoli tasting. Reports from consumers state that they taste a lot like radishes. The benefits that these little sprouts give is huge. They contain about ten times the amount of the cancer-fighting chemical found in broccoli known as glucoraphanin. This is all in addition to the fiber and vitamin supplements that are found in mature broccoli. This is one of the healthiest and most unexpected vegetables for your health.

5. Watercress is a huge source of vitamins for the human body. It contains many essential vitamins and a few non-essential, but beneficial vitamins. In addition to this, it is a large source of various other supplements including fat, fiber, carbs, protein, manganese, and folate. Watercress is an aquatic plant that is one of the best foods you can consume while trying to eat healthily. It is relatively tasteless, a bit like spinach. However, also like spinach, it can be prepared in a number of ways that makes it far more appealing as a food source while still allowing it to retain its health benefits.

Green and Black Tea
4. Green and black teas are some of the best drinks you can possibly consume. Black tea is well known for reducing the risk of death in cancer patients on a significant level. Green tea is essentially water, and it is an effective way of consuming your daily water requirements while still benefitting from the antioxidizing qualities of green tea. It is also an important source of daily supplements that are hard to find elsewhere.

3. In this picture you see a tomato with the seeds inside of it already germinating before it has been opened. Tomatoes have a tendency to do this due to the liquid contained in them. That germination is what the small wormy strands are in the tomato. It is not worms so fear not. The seeds in a tomato, however, along with the rest of the tomato have some serious health benefits. Tomatoes are considered one of the all-around best foods for preventing cancer that you can possibly consume. The chemicals in tomatoes are so important to the fight against cancer that some cancer research scientists have taken up tomatoes in their studies

Soy Milk
2. Soy milk is very beneficial to the human body. Overall, dairy milk is actually detrimental to the human body. Until about the last thousand years humans could not even consume dairy products. This is because our body was never meant to process animal dairy. Soy milk is a fantastic alternative to the dairy which our bodies do not take so well. It is rich in vitamins and contains the exact same amount of protein and other supplements that are contained in dairy. It is almost exactly the same as dairy milk in taste, consistency, and benefits, but without all of the negative qualities that stem from dairy consumption in the first place.

Sweet Potatoes
1. Sweet potatoes are a groundbreakingly healthy food item that is often overlooked by people who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Sweet potatoes have been ranked by more than one organization as the healthiest food you can possibly consume. It contains huge amounts of vitamins and daily fiber that is a staple in the diet of a healthy person. They are rich in carbs and manganese which are very beneficial to the human body. They also contain a myriad of other healthy supplements such as carotene, micronutrients, and beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes, like other superfoods on this list, are known to contain chemicals which help to prevent diseases like cancer. Superfoods are such an important part of living a healthy lifestyle and if you do not regularly consume any of the fruits, vegetables, and beans that have been featured on this list, then perhaps you should start. Eating healthy is by far one of the most important parts of living healthy and living healthy leads to a long and happy life that is free of most disease and discomfort.

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