Apr 1, 2017
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Incredible Optical Illusions That’ll Blow Your Mind

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20 Insane optical Illusions that you won’t believe, they trick your brain and your eye! Focus hard on these mind bending illusions.

Motion Illusion
11. This image is hard to perceive A rational person would think that this is a GIF. However, a rational person would be wrong. This is not a GIF; rather it is an image created to give off the perception of motion when there is none. Motion illusions are one of the hardest to grasp illusions…

Penrose Staircase
10. The Penrose staircase is a classic illusion that illustrates another form of an impossible object. The staircase is a geographic shape, and if one were to climb it, they would never ascend nor descend. Rather the climber would stay at the same level and could walk around on it forever without ever going anywhere. This is a difficult to grasp illusion that has been around for quite some time.

Penrose Triangle
9. The penrose triangle is another impossible object that cannot be fully perceived. It illustrates a triangle that seems to be made of four-sided rectangular bars. Each bar seems to come out of one side of the preceding bar and into the other side of the next. However, this is an illusion because this object is geometrically possible due to the fact the it is two-dimensional, not three like it seems to be.

Ponzo Illusion
8. The Ponzo illusion is another old style illusion that illustrates the flaw in human depth perception. If you look at two lines of the exact same length sittion on a track extending out before you in a two-dimensional image, the one closer to you seems smaller, and the further one appears to be quite a bit large. However, if you measure the length of the bottom line with your fingers on the image and then measure the top line you will see that the two yellow lines are the exact same length.

White’s Illusion
7. This is another illusion that is similar to the shadow checker illusion. All of the gray rectangles in this image are the exact same shade of gray. However, due to their location in relation to the black lines, the ones in row A appear to be darker than the ones in row B. This illusion shows a flaw in human tone perception.

Zollner Illusion
6. The Zollner illusion is an exceptionally confusing illusion in which it becomes difficult to distinguish whether a line is parallel to the one next to it or not. All of the long lines in this image run entirely parallel and are straight next to each other. They would never overlap. However, due to the skewed shorter lines that cover the long lines, it looks as if the long lines are pointing inwards and outwards like they are all over the place. They are entirely parallel.

Filling-In Illusion
5. The Filling-In illusion is a simple illusion that is merely a play on human perception. If you stare at the red dot in the center of the blue circle long enough the blue circle will appear to fade and then disappear until you refocus your vision. This is purely an illusion, but it seems as if it actually disappears from reality altogether.

Fraser Spiral Illusion
4. The Fraser spiral illusion is one that is almost impossible to perceive with human eyes. This illusion looks as if it is a collection spirals that are spinning inwards. However, it is not made of any spirals whatsoever, and this is where the confusion comes in. It is actually made up of various overlapping circles. The crisscrossing background makes it seem as if it spirals, but really it is only made of circles.

Shiny Legs
3. This is an illusion that has appeared all over social media in recent years and is something like the ancestor of The Dress Illusion. When you first look at this picture, it looks as if the legs shown are shiny and perhaps wrapped in some sort of plastic. However, they are not shiny, and light streaks that you perceive as reflections of light are in fact just lines of white paint. It may be hard to grasp this at first, but after looking at it for a few moments, you will realize that these legs are not shiny at all.

Autostereogram Illusion
2. An autostereogram is an illusion that is very common in the digital world. What you see as a three-dimensional image is actually a two-dimensional image with contextual layering drawn into it. The chessboard shown in the picture is only drawn in 2D but looks to be a 3D image.

The Dress
1. The Dress is an illusion that blew up on various social media outlets. The controversy over the dress is that to some people dress seems to be white and gold while to others it appears to be a mixture of light and dark blue. The Dress is designed to absorb light in a peculiar way that throws off visual senses. The real color of The Dress is both perceptions of color. It is both blue and white-gold. It is hard to perceive this, but it really just depends on the lighting in which The Dress is viewed.

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