Apr 8, 2017
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Incredible Medicinal Alternatives That are Cheap and Wide Spread

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16 Amazing natural herbal remedies from the medical issues people deal with and cure like allergies, acne and liver disease!

9. Thyme
This is another common aromatic plant that is used in cooking different types of cuisine. It helps your body protect you from developing an infection brought on by a food-borne bacteria. The people of Ancient Egypt used thyme during the embalming process and used it to heal other medical ailments. Thyme is also used to treat dry skin and helps balance out your blood pressure level.

8. Peppermint
Peppermint can be recognized by its considerably strong scent and flavor profile which is why it’s used in many dishes, candies, and gum. This helps battle bad breath and cavities as it’s filled with antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Peppermint oil is used to treat a wide variety of stomach issues and the methanol found in it can help prevent prostate cancer. It’s even being used to help improve your ability to memorize and be alert.

7. Echinacea
From the roots to the flowers, every part of this plant can be used for medicinal purposes. These purposes range from alleviating the stiffness in joints to increasing the strength of your immune system. This plant also drastically cuts your chances of catching the common cold by more than half, 58 percent to be precise. Liquid forms of this plant are said to be more effective than those that come in capsule form.

6. Lavender
Lavender is famous for its calming effect that is brought on by its soothing smell, which is why plenty of people use this to treat conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Just a couple sprays of this on your pillow and you’re out like a light. Not only does lavender oil help clear up the acne on your skin, but it can also slow down the aging process due to its powerful levels of antioxidants and leave you with a glowing complexion.

5. Blue and Green Clay
Earlier this year, scientists at the Arizona State University were able to identify two key metallic elements in certain types of clay that carry bacteria-killing properties. How does the work? Well, the two elements that work together are aluminum and chemically reduced iron. See, what happens is that the iron, which a bacterial cell needs for nutrition, tricks the cell walls in the bacteria to open and the aluminum acts as a door stopper. As the aluminum keeps the cell wall propped open, the overflow of iron that is entering the cell becomes poisonous and kills it as it oxidizes. This could lead to new drug discoveries and special uses for these clays.

4. Witch Hazel
This is something you’ve probably heard your friends recommend to you at some point and for good reason. The main benefit of witch hazel is that it’s a natural astringent because of the high levels of tannins it possesses. This makes it perfect for clearing out all the extra oil that builds up on your face, resulting in fewer breakouts and blackheads. This is just one of the dozens of uses that this wondrous shrub is capable of. Do yourself a favor and go buy a bottle.

3. Tea Tree
Tea tree has seen a spike in popularity in recent years with people who wish to go a more natural route when applying things to their bodies, instead of using harsh chemicals. The oil derived from the tea tree works wonders for the skin as it’s filled with antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. That’s why it’s commonly used to treat infections of the skin, along with those annoying blemishes that pop up unexpectedly.

2. Chamomile
Chamomile is well known for being used to treat upset stomachs by drinking it as a tea. The two most famous types of chamomile are the German and Roman chamomile, though, the German variation is the one that is used and studied the most. Roman chamomile can help treat people who suffer from insomnia and anxiety. Chamomile can also be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and acne when used in oil form.

1. Aloe Vera
This miracle little succulent has an incredible number of uses, one of which you’ve most likely already used the leaves of this plant for as they are perfect for small burns and those painful sunburns. Beauty gurus rave about how the gel from inside the leaves can be used for removing your daily makeup or using it as a shaving cream. Not only that, but you can also use it to speed up the growth of your eyebrows if you went too heavy with the plucking. You can also use it to cure bad breath by mixing it with apple juice, however, consuming aloe in large doses should be avoided as it will act as a laxative. Before you try any of these, always make sure to ask your doctor and do your research.

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