When These Drummers Look Up, Everyone Was Stunned With Their Next Move

This drum corp is incredible. Their performance at the Edinburgh Tattoo blew everyone away and you could immediately tell the skill level was one so high that pure perfection could be the only outcome! The idea presented to The Top Secret Drum Corps out of Basel Switzerland, was to form a design based on the digital age. They created a magnificent routine of sound, visuals and movement.

This drumming group actually consists of a diverse set of everyday folks who range from bankers to factory workers. When they get together though, they are all one in the same. Drummers with a high level of dedication to the craft.

Color guards are part of the group as well and they use a variety of flags during the routine, creating a grand visual performance while the drummers are spot on in unison. Another amazing quality that this group possesses is movement. They slap their sticks with one another while rotating around in a pattern that is mesmerizing to watch. Check out this amazing performance that no doubt took countless hours to perfect.

Source: Damn.com