Mar 26, 2017
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Incredible Cleaning Hacks

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Need helpful tips to keep your home clean? Here are 18 easy and cheap cleaning hacks for you, like spraying vodka on mattresses!?

11. Dryer Sheets VS Air Odor
Who needs Febreze? No one. That’s who. If you’re on a budget and you, have an AC, then you will never need to buy Febreze or scented candles ever again. Just stick a scented dryer sheet over the AC, and the air will do your work for you. This tip is perfect for college students who are living in their Ramen noodle days.

10. Ammonia VS Dirty Gas Burners
When your stove burners get dirty, there is seemingly nothing that will get them off except for hours of hard work and copious amounts of frustration tears. These homemakers worst fear meets its match in ammonia, though. If you don’t want to waste all that time working up a sweat then just stick your burners inside of a Ziploc bag with a ¼ cup of ammonia and leave it there overnight. When you wake up, all you will need to do is wipe the burners down to get them like new again.

9. Vodka VS Dirty Mattress
This is one cleaning hack that you can drink the leftover materials for. Mattresses get notoriously dirty, and they don’t have a way to clean them besides just taking some air freshener to them and buying a new one when it gets too gross. You can clean your mattress by using some of your old friend vodkas, though. You just add some vodka to a spray bottle and spray your mattress liberally, then let it dry. You can even add some essential oils to the mixture so that it will smell good!

8. Vegetable Oil and Baking Soda VS Kitchen Cabinets
This tip is easy and useful for cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets. Just mix some baking soda and vegetable oil and use a toothbrush to scrub away the grime. It’s efficient, cheap, easy and it is even all natural for people who are more environmentally conscience. There are no downsides to this hack. This is a must have for anyone that takes it upon themselves to do their houses chores.

7. Baby Shampoo VS Makeup Brushes
Makeup brushes may not seem to be all that dirty but if they aren’t cleaned regularly, their quality can suffer, and they become a hotbed for bacteria. Baby shampoo is a lot more gentle than adult shampoo or many other types of soap. It’s also a lot cheaper than some of the brush cleaners that makeup brands offer. Just wash the brushes with the shampoo and let them dry and you will be ready to use your clean brushes again.

6. Shoe Polish VS Leather Furniture
Leather furniture is beautiful, but it can be difficult to keep new. The color of the sofa or chair can degrade over time leaving you will a discolored mess. This can be fixed by using some shoe polish on your leather furniture. Make sure that you get the right color, or you will be stuck with even more discolored furniture than when you started.

5. Vinegar VS Hard Water Stains
This little cleaning tip is pretty well known, but it is still pretty invaluable. Hard water stains are unsightly, and they are sure to annoy anybody that takes pride in their bathroom. It doesn’t help that they are hard to get out. Fix this problem by wrapping a plastic bag half full of vinegar and leave it in the shower or sink head for about 5 minutes. When you take it off, those annoying hard water stains will be gone.

4. Onion VS Grill
If you’re too lazy to take the time to clean your grill than this hack is for you. Cleaning your grill the standard way is time-consuming, and you rarely get the result that you want. The inclusion of this tip will change the way that you clean your grill forever, though. Just run a cut onion over a heated grill, and the onion will do a three punch, non-stick your grill, clean it, and give it a great flavor for your next barbecue.

3. Vinegar and Alka-Seltzer VS Drain
If your drain is having a hard time doing its job, then this hack is exactly what you need. All you need to do is drop four tablets of Alka-Seltzer and one cup of vinegar down the drain and then rinse with boiling water after 10 minutes. Your drain will function like new thanks to this fizzing combination.

2. Iron VS Carpet Stain
This is basically like your very own carpet steamer at home. If you’re having trouble with a rug stain, then wet a towel with two parts water and one part vinegar and lay your hot iron on a steam setting on top of the towel. You should only leave it on the carpet for about 30 seconds, or you could end up with something much worse than a stain on your carpet.

1.Slipper Sock VS Dust
In addition to this hack being practical, it is also one of the most fun times that you will have cleaning your apartment or house. Reenact the famous scene from Risky Business in your underwear, pretend to ice skate, or try to gather static electricity in the hopes that you will gain superpowers. Just wear these thick, fleece slipper socks around the house, and you won’t ever need to Swiffer again.

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