$100 Million Actor Left Homeless On The Streets! The Reason Why Will Bring You To Tears

This story brings new meaning to the saying “Put Yourself in My Shoes” To prepare for an upcoming movie where superstar actor Richard Gere took to the streets. Literally. Gere who is worth $100 million dressed up and lived the life of someone who is homeless to better understand the type of character he will be playing in the movie.

Since the experience Richard has a whole new look on life and how he views the world. One thing that he mentions that he noticed is the way people look at homeless people in a negative light as if they are people to be ashamed of.

I guess the really sad thing about the whole thing is that only one woman came by and offered him some food, just the one, and it moved him to tears. After filming was complete Richard Gere released a message to his fans, asking that we be the change the world needs us to be. Pass this on and let’s do our parts, no one should ever have to be homeless.