Dec 11, 2015
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Google Is Fighting Back Against Adware

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Adware and MalwareYou probably hate all that adware you see on pretty much every website you go to nowadays.

Not only can some of that adware be a bit annoying but over time they’ll bog down your computer with unnecessary internet files.

Well Google has decided to ramp up their efforts on fighting such adware. Here’s some of what they had to say on the issue…

“Scammy programs and browser extensions are a persistent problem on the web, but web companies are starting to take them seriously as a threat to the web. In a post today, Google surveyed the past year’s efforts to fight unwanted software, and came away with some impressive statistics. Chrome user complaints about unwanted extensions dropped from 40 percent to 20 percent of total complaints, spurred by an aggressive banning campaign earlier this year.  At the same time, more than 14 million Chrome users removed unwanted extensions and the number of unwanted-software-related warnings on Adwords dropped 95 percent.

That’s good news, but it’s just a dent in the larger adware ecosystem. In May, a study found that as many as 5 million computers visiting Google sites are infected with some form of adware, and Google believes that one in 10 Chrome browsers have some form of hijacked settings. Now that unwanted software warnings have been folded into Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature, the browser displays more than 5 million such warnings a day.” Read the Full Story

Well I’m glad that Google is trying to do something about all that adware but I hope they realize that it is going to be costly and difficult task. No matter how hard companies try to thwart adware there is always something new that pops up that tend circumvents any anti adware efforts.

Often times any efforts can lead to poor PC performance because anti adware programs can end up blocking some of the programs you want to run. In any case let’s keep our fingers crossed for a long term solution for all that pesky adware.

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