Jan 27, 2016
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4 Facts You May Not Know About George Costanza

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For all you Seinfeld lovers out there you probably already agree that George Costanza is the world’s most lovable loser based on the character he played on the hit sitcom. George has always ranked high on my list as one of my favorite members of the cast.

Just recently I discovered some interesting facts about George Costanza that I never knew before. You may or may not have known these facts yourself but in any case they are interesting.


The George Costanza character is actually based on a real person by the name of well George Costanza. That’s right there really is a short, quirky, bald guy out there somewhere.

Fact #2

George appeared in every episode except for one and that was the one when Jerry got an astronaut pen, you know the one right?


Australia loves George so much that they opened a bar themed after the quirky character. One of the popular drinks on the menu is rightful named “The Summer of George”


This one is the one that most surprised me. Did you know that Jason Alexander was not the first choice to play the role of George? The role was first offered Danny DeVito, Paul Shaffer and Chris Rock of all people who ultimately turned down the role. Can you picture anyone playing that role other than Jason Alexander? Imagine how that character would have been if Danny DeVito or Chris Rock played the role.

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