3 Futuristic Suitcases That Will Change the Travel Industry Forever

Futuristic Suitcases

If you consider yourself the international Jet Setter or someone who enjoys traveling often then you might just like these 3 futuristic suitcases that may just redefine how we shop for luggage. Below are some of the coolest new suitcases pimped out with all the latest technology.

Imagine never having to worry about your bags being overweight again because these bags have built in scales that will weigh your bag on the spot. I think my favorite feature being offered is the self contained battery charger that can charge your phone and other electronic devices up to six charges on a single charge of the suitcase’s battery. These are just some of the cool features of these futuristic suitcases. Check out the videos below to see all the really cool stuff.

Bluesmart Suitcase

Fugu Luggage

Space Case by Planet Traveler