Mar 27, 2017
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Funniest Things Kids Get Stuck Inside – These Are HILARIOUS

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16 Most hilarious photos of kids actually stuck in the weirdest places from toddlers in toilets to children stuck in doggie doors!

9. Basket Case
This girl is way too old to be playing in a shopping cart. This is definitely not the way to hold on to being a kid. Although, it does look pretty tempting to ride inside of a shopping cart. No lie there. If you look close enough, you can see that she is pushed into another shopping cart, essentially trapping her. Clearly, she has not realized that but once she does that laughter is definitely going to turn into tears.

8. Playtime
This is definitely not a “kid” kid but it is someone who’s trying to feel like a kid which is totally appreciated given how terrible a place the world may seem at times. Everyone should strive to be more like her. Well, not getting stuck in toy cars but keeping that sense of youth. As you get older, you begin to realize that an “adult” is just a concept and literally no one has any idea what they’re doing. Everyone was right. Don’t grow up. It’s a trap!

7. Thumbs Up
This gives a whole new literal meaning to the phrase “pot head”. This kid looks a little too old to be getting their head stuck in a pot. Sadly, this probably isn’t the first time this has happened, which means that it also won’t be the last. He’s acting way too chipper for someone who’s wearing a kitchen appliance as a hat but, hey, at least he’s in good spirits. The same probably can’t be said about his parents who had to explain the whole situation to doctors.

6. Instant Regret
At some point in our childhood or adult lives, we’ve all wondered what it would be like to fit inside of a giant claw machine that you find in arcades. This kid right here has managed to fulfill that dream and also make thousands of people green with envy. You think that he’d be happy after successfully infiltrating this gambling machine for kids, right? But his face says otherwise. That is the face of instant regret. A face that says “what have I done, why am I like this?” Don’t go sneaking into claw machines kids! Or do. It’s your life.

5. An Unusual Prize
Normally you see baby dolls as potential prizes in claw machines but a real life baby is definitely new. Could you imagine being a parent and then realizing your kid somehow managed to climb into one of these things? That sounds terrifying. Actually, just being a parent sounds terrifying. No, wait, just kids in general, are terrifying. Look how much happier and smug this kid looks than the previous one mentioned. You know he’s going places. Quick, stuff as many candies as your little pockets can fit.

4. Caught In The Act
Busted! Excuse you, silly little boy? That door was not made for you. We know you can’t reach the doorknob but that isn’t a valid reason to go through the doggie door. Babies are so adorable and oblivious. Look at his little legs! He’s trapped and there’s nowhere for him to go. This is actually kind of scary, just think about it. He could slip away when no one is looking and go off an adventure.

3. Wrong Door
Wow, either that pet door wasn’t properly secured or that is the strongest baby to ever exist. That baby managed to rip the whole frame out of the wall. Also, do you think this baby seems to have a relatively large head? Someone should’ve mentioned that that door isn’t meant for tiny humans. Thankfully, this kid most likely learned a valuable lesson and never will attempt to do this again based on how hard he’s crying.

2. The Little Sinker
Uh, Houston? We have a problem. Apparently, this little boy was a tad bit too small and ended up in this unfortunate position. It’s a good thing that he’s a pretty flexible kid. Fun fact: the reason why kids are so flexible is because their bones haven’t had a chance to harden yet. As they grow older, they”ll tend to lose this flexibility if they don’t regularly stretch. Anyone would have that same facial expression if a good portion of their body was submerged in toilet water. The real question is why is there a bottle of soap in his hands?

1. Toilet Trouble
Look at this poor little girl. Her shirt says “fabulous” but her face says “why aren’t you helping me.” Honestly, how did she even get her hands stuck like that? Yes, she’s a toddler and she doesn’t know any better but she only has herself to blame. Let’s be real here, she definitely needs a little more time on the potty training tool before she’s ready to tackle the grown up porcelain throne. Whoever snapped this photo saw the opportunity and quickly took it. Now her embarrassment will forever be immortalized.

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