Hamburger Lovers Forget the Burgers, You Gotta Try a Frita

For all you hamburger lovers out there you haven’t had nothing until you’ve had a Frita. A Frita is a Cuban sandwich that is absolutely marvelous. Check out some of these mouth watering pictures that will have you seeking out your nearest Cuban restaurant.

*Always* trust a Cuban when it comes to food.

1. Listen up, guys. We need to talk about fritas.

Wally Gobetz / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: wallyg

2. “What are fritas?” you might be asking.

Miramax Films

…In which case I ENVY you for the experience of trying it for the first time.

3. A frita is a Cuban WORK OF ART that’s kind of like a hamburger.

Paramount Pictures

In the same way that heaven is kind of like the DMV.

4. They’re typically made with Cuban bread, a ground beef and chorizo patty, chopped white onion, crispy shoestring potatoes, and ketchup (and/or a splash of Tabasco sauce, if you’re so inclined).

Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

Basically, take everything that is good in the world, and put it all together.

5. Inferior burgers require lettuce and tomato and nonsense to distract from how BORING they are.

Columbia Pictures

Bacon ranch chipotle pizza bagel nacho cheeZzzzzZzZZZZzzzz.

6. As any frita enthusiast will tell you, the most crucial ingredients are the patty and the fries.

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