Best Recreated Movie Sets From the 90’s Using Babies – So Cute

As part of the National Geographic Channel’s miniseries The 90s: The Last Great Decade?, Cardboard Box Office (Lilly, Leon, and baby Orson) recreated popular ’90s movie sets only using household items. The results are cuter than you can imagine.

“Potty Time, Excellent!”

"Potty Time, Excellent!"

“The Lion Kid”

"The Lion Kid"

“The Little Lebowski”

"The Little Lebowski"

“Poop Fiction”

"Poop Fiction"

“Walk, Forrest, Walk!”

"Walk, Forrest, Walk!"

Make sure to follow Cardboard Box Office for more awesome photos like these:

“King Kong”


“The Lord of the Rings”


The 90s: The Last Great Decade? can still be seen on National Geographic. Check your local listings.

Article Source: Buzzfeed Also See: Coolest Parents Ever Adorably Re-Create Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby