May 1, 2016
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Epic Photo Bombs of 2016 – These Are Hilarious

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It’s always amusing to see those funny pictures of people and in some cases animals dropping into other people’s photos without them knowing. In this collection of epic photo bombs you will find some of the funniest photo bombs of the year so far. Go ahead and check em out and get a laugh or 2 yourself…

1. Hey! Hey you!

2. There’s nothing like being terrible at your job and having your fumbles immortalized on film.

3. She’s over him already.

4. Okay…what is that between their faces?

5. That awkward moment when one of the biggest talents of your generation hops into your video and you have absolutely no idea what’s happening.

6. #NailedIt

7. Well…this could have been cute.

8. He’s getting a head start on his flashing game.

9. Hey man! I wanna be on TV!

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10. Did someone order a creeper?

11. Just a Redditor photobombing Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed. Nothing to see here.

12. Kid! Turn around!

13. Calm down, lady.

14. I would like to thank the universe for making this happen.

15. Someone didn’t get the invite.

16. MOM?! DAD?!

17. This is everything and more.

18. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

19. Ryan Seacrest, you are a star.

This level of photobomb expertise cannot be matched, but we sincerely hope that people try to live up to this standard the rest of 2016.

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