Feb 5, 2016
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Creative Mom Designs Epic Game Room from Scratch

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A mom and dad have transformed a room in their house into the ultimate gaming room for their boys. For those of you who are into gaming then you may envy this work of art. With a little creativity you too could make up your own masterpiece to show off.


Mom started off by painted the walls with some fresh new paint.


What started off as a big gray rectangle on the wall soon starts to take on a recognizable shape.


A Nintendo D-pad was cut out rather than painting it on to give more dimension to the overall design of the controller.


A few more colors and patterns to represent the buttons were added on to really bring out the widely recognizable Nintendo controller’s features.


The controller’s cord was used in a creative way to not only create the appearance of a cord but also to keep the cables organized by placing the cords in a 1.5″ diameter cord sheathing.


An inexpensive entertainment center was purchased and modified to build out the Nintendo 64 game console.


As you can see the Nintendo console has really taken shape


And here is what the finished game room looks like. I think it looks pretty good and a good use of imagination.


Now that the game room is complete it’s time to get some gaming on!


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